What Makes A High Market Capital Cryptocurrency? And How Can You Spot One Headed For Success?


Coin Market Cap is one of the most respected platforms in the crypto industry, keeping up-to-date numbers and graphs on the market capital of thousands of crypto projects. 

The ranking system, which defines the tokens with the highest market capital, is an especially useful tool, highlighting the best of the industry and the trends the market is experiencing. And if a token enters the top 20, it is a guaranteed stamp of excellence. 

But what makes a top 20 token? And what can be done to spot a token with a chance of entering this elite club? In this article, we will be looking at the top 20 ranking tokens Avalanche (AVAX) and XRP (XRP) and what sets them apart, as well as the new kitten in town Big Eyes (BIG), and why they may be set for big things.

Creating A Positive User Experience

Like any product, the key to making it stick is through the user experience. Having a product that is simple and easy to use is essential for it to have any longevity in the market, without it, why would a consumer wish to continue using it?

Furthermore, a product being affordable to use and run, as well as quick, is also crucial. Would anyone play a video game console if it ran the batteries out too quickly, or took too long to load? 

To be a top 20 cryptocurrency, a token and its associated blockchain must meet these requirements. It needs to be easy for new users to adopt, and efficient enough to keep users coming back. With the ferocity of the crypto market and new tokens appearing every day, the importance of audience retention is undeniable. 

Take a look at Avalanche (AVAX), for an example of this. 

Primarily known for being exceedingly fast, Avalanche (AVAX)  is the zippiest smart contract platform on the market when measured by time-to-finality. This speed is something that has made the platform explode with popularity.

Avalanche (AVAX) proves that having a system that users appreciate, by being quick and efficient, can make all the difference in the position of a token on the market cap charts. That the most efficient options are the ones crypto users will flock to, and that those that cannot keep up may fall behind. 

Multiple Uses For Multiple Users 

Another important aspect that defines a top 20 token is the amount of versatility the token and associated blockchain can accommodate.

As individuals, we all do things differently, and as such will rarely use a product the same way as others. Products that provide a multitude of acceptable methods of use cater to this individuality, and as such make it likely to retain its userbase and market position. 

The same can be said with crypto.

Individuals involved in cryptocurrency do so for a variety of reasons. Some do so to procure and generate wealth, while others engage with a lively community, and others enjoy exhibiting and monetising their talents, like programming. 

Tokens that accommodate this, therefore, have a high likelihood of success. For an example, look at XRP (XRP).

As an open-source, permissionless technology, XRP (XRP) has been designed so that it can be used by everyone, however, they see fit. Its open-source code means that it can be viewed, used, and edited by anyone, and its permissionless access means that any user can engage with the validation system with the opportunity to earn rewards. 

This complete freedom in the user experience has allowed XRP (XRP) to go beyond just the top 20, currently ranked 7th on Coin Market Cap. It is proof of the need and desire for user freedom, and just how far that freedom can take a token in the market. 

How To Spot A Success Story

While it won’t guarantee a top 20 spot, a token that covers all of these requirements is one likely set for success. This is why Big Eyes (BIG), a new meme coin set to enter the market, is almost certain to make waves in the market.

Big Eyes (BIG) is a meme token focused on community, with the mascot character, a cartoon cat, curled up in the heart of it. The cat has been designed with the understanding that cuteness sells, and that with a well-thought-out backstory and accommodating media, this cat can become an icon.

Knowing this, the Big Eyes (BIG) platform has been designed with an active, engaged community in mind. With the platform’s dynamic tax system, buying and selling tax, as well as fees, have been removed from the platform, allowing for more fluidity in token trade and a more active economy.

Furthermore, by being built on Ethereum (ETH), which plans to transfer to a proof-of-stake system soon, Big Eyes (BIG) transactions will be able to move swiftly when compared to the old Ethereum (ETH) proof-of-work system, furthering this incentive for an active economy and appealing user experience.

Finally, as a meme token, there are many ways that the Big Eyes (BIG) platform can be courted. Whether it’s through participating in the upcoming NFT Sushi Crew initiative, communicating with the community via social media like Telegram, or using the fun and simple Supurrr Store to add stickers to uploaded photographs, the ways to use the Big Eyes (BIG) platform are plentiful.

All of this combines to make Big Eyes (BIG) a token and platform with immense potential, taking the essential requirements for crypto success and adding the engagement of meme coins communities and the power of cuteness to make something wholly unique.

It is not a launch to miss. 

Find out more about Big Eyes (BIG) at:

Website: https://bigeyes.space/

Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BigEyesCoin

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/BigEyesCoin/

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