WeTrust is a blockchain platform for creating “trusted lending circles” and decentralized financial apps to bridge the inefficiencies in the banking and insurance industries. By cutting out the need for middlemen, this peer-to-peer lending platform uses smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to ensure that operations take place smoothly.

Not only does this reduce the high amounts of interest or premiums that people seeking credit or insurance payments are usually subject to, but it also allows the worlds unbanked population to access financial services via the company’s ROSCA platform.

How Does WeTrust Work?

WeTrust offers reduced fees and greater borrowing and lending opportunities by cutting out intermediaries. The Rotating and Saving Credit Association platform (ROSCA) creates the lending circle and allows individuals globally to borrow money without having to use alternative or desperate measures.

Through the ROSCA platform, WeTrust can provide economic security inside a local community. All the interest stays within the local community and no third parties are required. This is not an interest-free way of accessing credit or insurance, but a low-interest way to accelerate financial inclusion.

The circle is created as none of the money is leaked out to banks, insurance companies, or other intermediaries. The interest remains within the circle and allows ROSCA members to bid on financing opportunities.

The WeTrust cryptocurrency, the Trustcoin (TRST) is essential to the platform since all transactions take place via its use. There are four main stakeholders in the WeTrust ecosystem:

  1. General members–those who borrow and lend, access insurance, etc.

  2. Sponsors–people who support the development of WeTrust through bug bounties, programming, Dapps, etc.

  3. Forepersons–the organizer on the ground working with the WeTrust platform. In this role, the foreperson serves to educate, inform, and create lending circles (ROSCAs) in a community.

  4. Referral Partners–people who receive TRST tokens for promoting the platform.


The total supply of Trustcoins is 100 million, out of which 80 million tokens were sold during the company’s token sale event last year. The rest have been allocated to the founding team, future expenses, marketing, bounties, etc.

The WeTrust Team

The WeTrust team as a whole possesses a solid background in computer sciences as well as collective experience working in Google, Ernst & Young, and PayPal. Advisors include Vitalik Buterin and Cornell’s Emin Gün Sirer.

Since the WeTrust platform allows for and encourages DApps, more financial services and products can be made available over time. WeTrust is effectively incentivizing the community to accelerate financial inclusion and looks to be a serious project with real chances of success.

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