What is the Orion Protocol?

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A lot of cryptocurrency and blockchain tractions are being launched every year. The Orion Protocol has recently gone through a popularity surge. Now is a good time to figure out what this project is about exactly.

On Overview of the Orion Protocol

Disrupting the way people think of trading is a daunting task. On its own, the trading industry seems inaccessible to a lot of people first and foremost.  Unless people can find a way to enter this particular space in a more convenient and accessible manner, the appeal of this industry will always be hampered somewhat.

This is where the Orion Protocol comes into the picture. It is designed to be the only trading terminal anyone will ever need. In fact, users will gain access to the entire crypto market through one and the same platform. This is achieved by aggregating bottomless liquidity from all major exchanges and DEXes

Opting for an approach to aggregate exchanges, instead of competing, may be the smart play. There are dozens, if not hundreds of major trading platforms pertaining to cryptocurrencies already. Gaining traction as a direct competitor will always be challenging. 

Unifying the existing liquidity and presenting it in a far more accessible manner will give the Orion Protocol a far better chance at standing out in this industry.

No Private Keys Required

As the Orion Protocol is designed to aggregate liquidity from exchanges and DEXes, some people may wonder how it would affect their account security. After all, one would expect that the Orion Protocol needs to figure out which exchanges users have an account for and what type of liquidity is to be found in said accounts. 

That is not how this service works, in the slightest. It does the opposite, in fact. Rather than looking for liquidity in exchange accounts, it works by connecting your existing wallet to the service to provide liquidity. It then grants access to every major exchange, even if the end user has no existing account with them.

Not only is this a great way to let users explore everything the cryptocurrency world has to offer, it also encourages them to move money off exchanges and into their own wallets. Keeping funds in an exchange is far from optimal. Users give up control over their money by opting for this approach. Using a wallet of which you own the private key(s) is the only sensible approach.

Another core benefit to the Orion Protocol is how it no longer requires users to manually log in to different exchanges. Access to all trading platforms is provided automatically. Having access to all platforms from one interface will give traders every option to get the most bang for their buck. 

Various Trading Tools

The interface of the Orion Protocol is one of its main selling points. Its core feature of providing bottomless liquidity is unprecedented in the industry. But there is a lot more to provide to users as well.

Via its trading tools, users will have access to all of the news, market analysis tools, and trading tools – for charts, patterns, and whatnot – to make well-informed trading decisions. All tools will be usable on every supported trading platform.

A second core toolset is the option to explore arbitrage opportunities. Taking advantage of arbitrage opportunities can yield a fair amount of money in quick succession. The Orion Terminal will always try to present the best prices on the market, allowing for some quick and easy arbitrage when price gaps begin to appear.

Last but not least, it doesn’t matter if users want to place small or large orders. That is fairly important to those finding themselves in the latter position. Traders who want to unload bags of a certain coin can do so without hurting the price too much. 

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