What is Student Coin (STC)?


Back in 2018, a few students from the Students Investor’s Club ‘Kapitalni’ at Kozminski University had the idea to issue a form of cryptocurrency which they named “ALK Student Coin.” The idea behind it was to achieve an effect similar to the one that Bitcoin made as digital currency around the world. The main goal was to create the first universities’ blockchain, which would operate as a means of exchange for goods and services and eventually reach all universities and colleges serving students and academic staff. 

The word spread and new coins were circulated among students in December of 2019 and January 2020. 

From one university to another, the number of ALK Student Coin holders increased. The currency began to be talked about, it was increasingly in demand. From 2000  to 6000 users quickly and 200 places of higher education worldwide, we felt kind of similar to Facebook, so we dropped the ‘ALK’ as FB dropped the ‘The’ in front of its name. We connected with Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Oxford, London School of Economics, and New York University, establishing our presence at over 500 universities worldwide

STC crypto-asset model helped generate interest and to initiate crowdfunding, the preparation of the student club’s project, and governing among our partnering schools. Along with the blockchain movement, we evolved into a platform where any participant of the crypto market can launch a token and easily utilize it through our STC Terminal. We offer a solid background in technology and blockchain, experience, and ‘know-how’ to anyone who is willing and ready to enter the crypto market. You can invest in it and buy your own Student Coin too. 

We participate in all blockchain and cryptocurrencies events and initiatives. We also actively sponsor and cooperate with TedxWarsaw too. 

As the STC reached a market cap of over $30 million, it shows the trust of the market. With over 250,000 investors in 36 countries involved STC is a growing topic for investors globally. 

What are STC products?

STC Terminal

It is a platform that will be free of charge, and it is designed to enable users to create their own tokens depending on their needs (personal, corporate, DeFi Loan, DeFi personal, Startup token, crowdfunding, etc.). The whole process includes detailed information on the coin issuing process and takes between 40 and 150 seconds, depending on the type of coin and chosen options.  STC Terminal is an intuitive tool that will walk you through the 5 stages of processing your request of minting the token in less than 3 minutes and connecting it with the STC Wallet. To get there, you will need to visit terminal.studentcoin.org, connect your Wallet, set up the token, go through the contract summary, add your tokens to the Wallet, and go through the Student Coin integration. 

Why do you think you might want to issue a token?

Let’s say we have Adam, who is a geeky IT person with a great idea of writing code that will allow any HR team to find the best-fit candidate for any position in any industry. He speaks the ‘HR’ language, so he knows the HR buzzwords. Therefore, he wrote a code that created a great AI tool to help significantly reduce the time taken to find the ideal candidates. He really wants to capitalize on his idea but doesn’t want to sell himself short. He also cares about his intellectual property. We have a solution for him. He can easily sell this idea to the STC community and issue tokens as a form of funding combined with marketing. Getting the Smart Marketing Tokens would boost his exposure to the market and allow people to learn about his code with the goal of creating a team. He would be able to raise funds and get marketing solutions right with SMT and Student Coin through the launchpad. He can later share his knowledge and experience on our Student Coin Educational platform.

Once the token is created, it can be integrated with the STC Ecosystem and allowed to be traded on STC Exchange or deposited to your STC Wallet. Terminal also has an option to use the MetaMask or other crypto wallets. With MetaMask, all of the power of retrieving the info relating to your account belongs to the owner of the holder of the meta key. It is like a vault with all of your accounts, trades, settings, and deals stored in there, in one place. 

STC Wallet 

You can synchronize your newly created or bought tokens with STC wallet. Similar to the idea of a physical wallet, it is a place protected with a login, password, and 2-factor authentication for you to store and decide how to invest your tokens. You can stake your tokens, get your dividends paid, establish electronic derivative contracts, send and receive your coins, stake your funds for a specific period of time, get into new deals, monitor the growth of your investments, and the possibility of currency swaps. The Wallet will be connected to your STC terminal. We are also proud to offer the mobile app (available on iOS and Android), which will take you through all functionality of the STC Wallet from your mobile device. 

Smart Marketing Token (SMT)

Smart Marketing Token (SMT) is the first tokenized marketing agency that wants to decentralize the entire blockchain marketing process and is already available on the STC Wallet. The purpose is to serve as a bridge between the agency’s services and Student Coin token creators, leading to an effective marketing strategy. Projects will need to buy SMT and transfer it to SMT services to access the platform with marketing services. The additional features that go along with SMT are staking SMT on STC Wallet, Voting for projects that SMT will promote each quarter, and SMT marketing educational platform

SMT ICO (Initial Coin Offering) started on August 2, 2021, and will end on October 31, 2021. It’s about 40% done and has raised more than 800K USD. You can purchase SMT from STC Wallet Launchpad. 

STC Educational Panel 

Student Coin educational platform will help you navigate through blockchain technologies, security, educate you on legal, and tax issues around Blockchain. It provides the crypto assets glossary as well. You can also get familiar with our white paper on STC as well as learn about the progress of building the new STC Wallet and Terminal. 

Building crypto news portal – Coinpaper.com

STC news platform is constantly growing, so expect to be diligently updated with the latest information on innovative finance and disrupting technologies. Student Coin created Coinpaper, a platform that will be regularly updated with info on new projects, small and niche tokens, tokens created on STC Terminal. We will provide detailed analysis about the blockchain market, its impact on financial, other markets and institutions, macro analysis, analysis of trading trends, first-hand insight on other crypto and blockchain news. We will tell you more on ways to maximize your investments, publish short papers from around the world on changing policies, events, conferences, and people who engage in digitized finance.  

STC Exchange 

STC Exchange with all its new features, the new terminal, and crowdfunding which will be available through STC Wallet. It combines all previously mentioned tools and allows users to issue coins, get them on other crypto assets trading platforms. You can monitor trading trends, both deposit and withdrawal your fund, and exchange or invest your assets whenever you want. The STC Exchange will host all tokens available on the crypto market plus all the niche tokens as well as those created through the STC terminal. You can expect real exposure there, on the real market, and in real-time.

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