What is SimpleHold?

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You’re lucky since this is the start of your exciting voyage through the world of cryptocurrency, so let us, the SimpleHold staff, be your guide and assistant! In a nutshell, SimpleHold is a vital part of your future crypto operations. Let’s take a look and gradually disclose the full thing.

What are SimpeHold’s most powerful features?

First, it is extremely simple to install and use, allowing you to get right into the bitcoin market;

Next, the interface is clear and clever, so you’ll never make a mistake and can discover everything you’re looking for as quickly as possible.

Then, it supports a large choice of existing cryptocurrencies, from which you may choose any that you require. We are always growing and developing, so keep up with us if you want to be really cutting-edge!

What makes SimpleHold so special?

The solution is really encoded in the wallet’s name. The major reason we created a wallet was to simplify the process of storing, transmitting, and receiving your crypto assets as simply as possible. We were able to create a product that is suitable for both a complete newbie who is just getting started and an experienced user searching for a high-quality and easy wallet.

Another piece of good news is that the team has already generated a backup file, so you don’t have to worry about that at all; everything has been planned ahead of time. S stands for security. You may completely forget about your anxieties about losing cryptos once you’ve set up your SimpleHold wallet. 

Before you use the wallet, you should be familiar with the following:

  • It is a lightweight non-custodial wallet with an emphasis on trust and usability.
  • It supports approximately 110 well-known cryptocurrencies, and that is just the beginning. It is decentralized, so you hold the keys to your wallet. It does not hold or control any of your cryptos, it simply provides access to it. 
  • It assists you in dealing with your addresses, in order to send and receive your crypto.
  • It is available on the web as a browser plugin and does not require your personal data, which is a critical aspect in the era of data leaking.

Why are the benefits of using SimpleHold wallet?

The wallet is simple to use. We fully realize that the risk of getting lost in all those crypto wallets is really big, therefore we decided to build a wonderful solution to make the entire process simpler and smoother for you, but there are even more drawbacks, as SimpleHold is:

  • Easy to maintain and impossible to lose 
  • A good method to range and store all your altcoins in one spot to keep track of them
  • Free to except there are transaction fees, and they all go to miners or validators
  • Instantly accessible and always available
  • Just a high-security beast

How to set up your account?

  • To get started with your SimpleHold wallet, follow these steps:
  • Choose a browser in which you wish to utilize your wallet and go to https://simplehold.io/ to discover and download the SimpleHold extension.
  • Establish an account – this step does not involve any of your personal information
  • After completed, you will notice a favicon on your browser’s bar
  • Ta-da, you are ready to utilize and maximize the wallet
  • Install the mobile version of the app to keep your assets at hand 24/7

Explore all the options that SimpleHold wallet provides to you here

NB! In order to assist you and make using the wallet not only simple but also safe, a backup file was made and kept in the case that you lost your password or access to your cash.

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