Over the past couple of years, many celebrities have endorsed different cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings and some of them have even released their own virtual currencies. In this regard, Ronaldinho, a renowned former Brazilian soccer star, has launched the Ronaldinho Soccer Coin Project– a currency that runs atop the NEO blockchain.

The Ronaldinho Soccer Coin Project

Although most people will argue that there is no need for new cryptocurrencies, RS Coin may prove to be an interesting addition. The project is being used to build a brand new ecosystem which ties into various services and payment systems. This new virtual currency, launched by Ronaldinho, can be used for eSports, digital content, sports betting, supporting teams, and so much more. Whats more is that all of these ventures will be linked to soccer in one way or another.

Also, the choice to issue this new token on top of NEO is quite intriguing, especially since the ‘Ethereum of China’ has begun gaining mainstream traction over the past couple of years.

What Can One Expect From This Project?

The roadmap of RS Coin is filled with ambitious goals. For starters, a ‘Ronaldinho Academy’ will be established along with a dedicated stadium which incorporates various new technologies, including virtual and augmented reality. Amateur league matches and global league matches will be organized all over the world, and there will be a dedicated focus on eSports.

As the project matures, the Ronaldinho Soccer Coin project will offer its very own betting platform, as well as a dedicated marketplace. Exact specifics as to which items will be available for purchase with RS Coin remains unclear at this time, but more information will be made available as time progresses.

Final Thoughts

While for some people, an endorsement of this kind serves as a sign of legitimization of the virtual currency industry, however, there are others who do not see any merit in this new token.

With that being said, the future of the Ronaldinho Soccer Coin project will mainly depend on how fast the dev team can turn its roadmap to reality.

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