What is Renfter and Why Does it Matter?

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Non-fungible tokens are an exciting addition to the blockchain industry. Giving users the option to rent NFTs to access their utility is the next logical frontier to conquer. Renfter aims to make it possible and major developments should occur soon.

Understanding The Appeal of Renfter

Many people are interested in NFTS but end up not buying them. They either lack the understanding of an NFT’s utility or don’t have the financial means to pay full price for such assets. Some non-fungible tokens can cost upward of $100,000, which is an incredibly steep investment for anyone. Cheaper and more accessible solutions must be found, and Renfter may hold the key.

The protocol, developed on the SKALE technology stack, lets users rent out in-game non-fungible tokens. That includes items, characters, virtual real estate, etc. As a result, more people will be able to access these assets at a fraction of their regular cost. Moreover, the ones renting these NFTs can leverage the asset’s utility to their heart’s content.

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Renting NFTs is a solid money-saving strategy. Moreover, it lets the renter take full advantage of the utility. Renters can pay periodic fees and gain full access to its benefits. In addition, there is a profit-sharing opportunity for renters and owners. Opting for that method enables both parties to benefit from the non-fungible token. Owners monetize their NFT without selling it, while the person renting it accesses the utility at a more affordable cost.

The use cases for renting non-fungible tokens are virtually endless. Renfter pays close attention to gaming assets, as blockchain gaming is a booming industry vertical. That would enable more people to explore various games without relying on scholarships. However, the scholarship approach can benefit from what Renfter offers as well. Putting idle in-game assets to work and monetizing them is always beneficial. Bringing that functionality to users as zero-gas fees – thanks to SKALE – creates a potent cocktail of utility. 

Uncollateralized Lending And Reward Sharing

Two other crucial benefits of Renfter include uncollateralized lending and sharing in rewards and airdrops. More specifically, users can rent NFTs without any collateral. In addition, the non-fungible token owner doesn’t need to sell their assets. Instead, they have a guarantee the token will be returned to them once the rental period ends. That removes any concerns over NFTs being stolen or resold. 

It is common for NFTs to yield rewards and airdrops in the future. For example, a lender can share in their distribution along with the original owner. Various scenarios and agreements can be set up, including splitting rewards or one party collecting everything. Furthermore, owners can grant or restrict custom functionality to NFTs they rent out. The opportunities are virtually limitless. 

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