What is Rarible?

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Blockchain technology can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Cryptocurrencies and tokens are just one possible option to explore. Digital collectibles, secured with blockchain technology, is what Rarible is all about. 

The Rarible Vision Explained

Many artists around the world want to share their vision with a global audience. That is certainly possible, but monetizing content has proven to be an immense challenge. Moreover, there is always the threat of someone stealing one’s artwork and using it for their own purposes. Blockchain technology can be of great use, with the help of platforms such as Rarible

Through this platform, it becomes very easy to not only create, but also sell digital artworks and collectibles. Creators will be able to prove they are the creator, as the blockchain provides an immutable record. More importantly, this marketplace makes it very easy to monetize one’s hard work. 

Known as Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, Rarible is primarily designed to trade and sell unique or limited-edition creations. Following the video on the website, it is very easy to connect one’s wallet and gain access to the marketplace. Creators can choose the asset they want to sell, give it a name and description, and determine their own pricing for it. 

Great for Cheap and Expensive Art Alike

Contrary to what one may think, there are plenty of creations selling or decent money through Rarible. One recent work, called “yinsure”, sold for 60 Ether, or over $22,500. Artists who create less complex and time-consuming will still have a good shot at finding a buyer willing to part with his or her money. 

The Rarible market place is providing a home for many different artists around the world. Whether it is true art, memes, or any other unique creation, it can be sold on the platform for whatever price one sees fit. More unique creations will often attract more attention. 

Several Payment Methods

Paying for art or collectibles on Rarible can be done in many different ways. Ethereum is the most obvious choice, but various ERC20 tokens can be used as well. Wrapped Ether, Dai, OMG, LINK, ENJ, and others are all supported. There is no option to pay with traditional payment methods, as that is not what this marketplace is designed for. 

In the end, it is a great way for new and aspiring artists to gain some recognition at an early stage. Even though Rarible is primarily known among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, it is a very strong and growing community. Any effort to make a difference in other people’s lives is worth exploring. 


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