What is Parma Fan Token and What are the Roles of the token?


Parma Fan Token is a BEP-20 utility token designed to make the official Parma Calcio token. The token allows Parma Calcio fans to participate in surveys and obtain rewards.

Parma Fan Token Overview

  • Token Name: Parma Fan
  • Token Symbol:
  • Total Supply:
  • Initial Circulating Supply:

Coinstore.com Listing

  • Trading Pair: /USDT
  • Trade Time:
  • Withdrawal Time:

What are the utilities of the Parma Fan Tokens?

The Parma Fan token allows all the users to participate in the team’s polls, purchase products and services online and offline, obtain collectibles, rewards and benefits of various kinds. Besides, users are allowed to donate their tokens to the club, which can be used for various initiatives that will be announced by the Parma’s team from time to time.

The Token Economics of Parma Fan token

The economics of the token evolve around reserved, marketing, development fund, social responsibility & charity fund etc. Details may refer below:

Project Development Roadmap

Parma Fan Token has a robust development roadmap that includes the launch of new features and partnerships with other projects in the cryptocurrency space. The team is committed to providing a secure and sustainable social media platform for its users.

The partnership between Coinstore and Parma Fan token marks an important milestone for both, as it will increase the visibility of the project and make it more accessible to users. We at Coinstore are thrilled to continue building a vibrant and engaged community around the platform.

Parma Fan Token Official Media

For more information about Parma Fan token, please visit:

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