What is NPER Cryptocurrency?


The way in which information processing technology has evolved over the past few years, several existing businesses that have been built using conventional computational mechanisms have been faced with the pressing issue of long-term market survival. For example, the Intellectual Property (IP) industry has seen tremendous growth in the past decade or so but content creators are still not able to receive monetary benefits that are due to them.

NPER is an all-new blockchain project that allows content producers to obtain legitimate ownership of their data as well as receive complete IP authority over their material. The platform makes use of a unique business model that proposes the creation of value within the existing IP industry.

Through the use of a digital asset called “NPER COIN”, customers will have the ability to purchase various categories of intellectual property rights in a simple, streamlined manner.

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Also worth mentioning is the fact that this project differs from other similar ventures as NPER attempts to incorporate blockchain technology into a framework that has been widely adopted by today’s copyright industry. While other similar projects simply use the principles of blockchain for protecting the rights of creators, NPER, allows even regular users and enthusiasts to participate in today’s blossoming IP market.

Overview of the platform

  • The NPER ecosystem has been designed to facilitate the peer-to-peer trading of licenses/ownership rights on IPs established by creators and users.
  • It helps protect the legitimate rights of creators by simplifying the distribution structure used by companies today.
  • Community members have the power to evaluate the value of IP being sold on the platform.
  • NPER verifies and validates the creators of unique content and duly registers the intellectual property rights to their name before any trades or monetary transactions are initiated.
  • The deployed interface is quite easy to use and can be operated by individuals with varying levels of technological capabilities.

Key Features

For starters, one can observe that NPER offers customers with a new business model that allows nearly everyone to participate in today’s burgeoning IP sector. NPER’s integrated business scheme helps both the content creator as well as customers in facilitating simpler, more hassle-free distribution of content via blockchain technology.

Overview of the NPER IP exchange platform

NPER coin holders are provided with IP royalties for simply participating in community voting activities. At the same time, NPER has also established a global peer-to-peer IP exchange that makes use of automated protocols and technologies such as smart contracts to weed out any chances of economic biases.

Visual representation of the Community Network

Another underrated facet of NPER is that anyone with access to the native blockchain has permission to monitor internal trading activities. As mentioned previously, through the use of smart contracts, the platform is able to enforce a high level of transparency and trust.

How it works

All internal transactions are facilitated through the use of NPER coin. By issuing NPER ownership certificates to customers, the platform enables users to participate in peer-to-peer transactions of digitized IP material.

   IP Distribution Mechanism employed by NPER

However, there is a certain transaction protocol that needs to be followed within the NPER chain in order for creators to get their rights recognized officially.

  • The coin holder has to first submit the desired amount of NPER coins that are proportional to the value of the IP in question into the NPER chain. There are two types of keys, namely Public Key and Private Key that are subsequently issued.
  • When the key registration process is completed on the blockchain, an NPER coin ownership certificate is issued.
  • Similarly, the NPER coin holder also has the power to purchase ownership certificates on / off-line. All that a buyer needs to do is perform a search for the relevant public key and then initiate a transaction with the owner directly.

Key features of the NPER Currency

Lastly, a special NPER wallet is used for sharing IP certificates (POS) via peer-to-peer transactions. The wallet is also used for verifying withdrawal records when individual transactions occur. Subsequently, when royalties are provided for a particular piece of IP, the compensation is rewarded in the form of either NPER coins or Ethereum.

About the team

Daniel Nam is the CEO and Co-founder of this project. According to his online bio, Daniel possesses extensive experience as a General Manager as well as an Operational Planner working at Hyundai Motor Group. Other than that, he has also previously worked at Tecnológico de Monterrey where he handled the organization’s international affairs.

Mike Lee is the CTO for NPER. In the past, he has participated in the development of a host of services related to large-volume data collection, data reporting for companies like NEXTEL New Media Research Institute and WEB-International.

Johnny Lee is the CDO and Co-founder of NPER. In addition to managing the company’s overall brand identity, he is also in charge of devising the project’s design strategy. Similarly, he possesses experience within the advertising domain and has previously worked for big-name players such as:

  • IBK Industrial Bank
  • Brooks Brothers
  • Hyundai
  • Lotte Department Store
  • Gucci.

Lastly, Ryan Kim is the COO of the project. As per his LinkedIn profile, he has majored in Germanistik, business administration and has previously worked at a securities firm where he fostered the company’s commercial sales and investment planning ability.

Token Performance Details

As per data collected from Coinmarketcap on May 23, NPER possesses a market cap of $13,228,807 USD. In all, a total of 250,000,000 NPER have been minted and there are currently 52,261,748 NPER coins in circulation.

NPER token lifetime performance details (courtesy of Coinmarketcap)

Introduced into the market on May 15, the currency was initially valued at $0.26. NPER tokens experienced their value high during the same week when they scaled up to an impressive $0.38. However, since then the currency has depreciated in value and today the price of a single coin stands at $0.25 (as on May 23).

Final Thoughts

With NPER providing content creators with a platform that allows them to obtain legitimate ownership of their data by circumventing unusual copyright laws that exist today, it would not be surprising to see this product do well this year.

If you would like to start investing in this service, NPER trading pairs are currently available on Bibox.

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