What is JustWrapper?

CryptoMode JustSwapper

It is evident that privacy is very difficult to come by in the cryptocurrency world. JustWrapper offers an interesting solution, at least to achieve shielded transactions. Adding solutions like these can be of great value to the right value. 

JustSwapper is the Former TRONZ

People familiar with the TRON ecosystem may recall the name TRONZ. It is a project that has gathered some attention but is now evolving into something better. Known as JustWrapper, it will provide decentralized shielded transactions for TRC20-USDT tokens. All Android device owners using TronLink can tap into this network as a dApp.

For now the only supported token is Tether’s USDT on the TRON blockchain. It is expected that more assets will receive official support in the future. Which tokens those will be exactly, has not been made public at this time. TRON has seen an influx of new [DeFi] tokens lately, thus there are many options to be explored. 

What makes JustSwapper intriguing is how it is a tokenless smart contract-based privacy solution. Given the growing demand for privacy in this space, it is only normal to see solutions like these come to market. Whether it will eventually rival privacy-oriented currencies such as Monero, remains to be determined. 

It is also worth noting TRON’s 4.0 upgrade will not provide any privacy and anonymity features. That is not to be expected either, as this network was never designed for this purpose. As such, new projects providing solutions capable of filling the void will become all the more crucial. 

Under the Hood of JustWrapper

Making all of this possible are a few interesting features. Shielding transactions takes place through the use of zk-SNARK technology. By decentralizing the smart contract – and making it accessible to anyone – this concept can be built upon further in the years to come. 

Thanks to TRON’s native DPOS consensus mechanism, shielded transfers can be delivered instantly. Not having to deal with any delays is crucial when attempting to achieve privacy. It will be interesting to see if this situation remains once more people make use of what JustWrapper has to offer. 

All “surrounding” information pertaining to transactions is also hidden from prying eyes. JustSwapper makes use of “transfer” transactions, ensuring there is no trail of breadcrumbs to be followed. 

To make use of this feature, TronLink users can generate a shielded wallet in the app. Importing the public account and shielded account in JustSwapper allows for moving USDT between the two. Once funds arrive in the shielded account all future transactions will be private. 

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