What Is Exolix?

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Do you want to swap your crypto coins but don’t know how to choose the best crypto exchange service? We’ll simplify the task for you, so you don’t waste time searching. Choose Exolix! It is a crypto exchange platform with the best crypto conversion offer.

Established in 2018, it develops and improves to provide a still better service to its clients. The process of converting the coins is fast, secure, and simple, so even people with no previous experience in crypto trading/exchange can find their way through the service easily.

But it’s not only that Exolix can boast of. The platform is known for the high exchange rates and the possibility to swap the crypto either with floating or fixed rates. Therefore, you may protect your assets from market volatility and get the most out of the exchange.

Exolix applies all types of data protection technologies to ensure the safety of every transaction. Also, the service follows the idea of complete confidentiality for its users allowing the conversion of cryptocurrency without registration and KYC verification.
Aside from converting crypto on the platform, you can also get passive income by participating in the Exolix affiliate program.

How Does Exolix Work?

The Exolix exchange platform is connected with the largest crypto trading platforms. This allows the service to monitor the exchange rates for different coin pairs, like BTC to USDT, and provide the users with the best buy-trade options.

To use the service, you only need to select the coin pair, type in the amount you are willing to swap, provide your wallet address, and deposit the amount you’d like to convert to the wallet address generated by the Exolix system. Once the exchange process begins, the rates get fixed. Therefore, you know the exact amount of coins you’ll receive.

You should keep in mind that any transaction initiated in the Blockchain is irreversible and cannot be canceled, so make sure you provide the correct recipient address so as not to lose your assets.

Exolix – Our Features

Exolix combines multiple benefits for crypto owners. We’ll name some of the most attractive features you can benefit from by choosing this crypto exchange platform.

– Transparency of the exchange process. You have access to information concerning every stage of conversion due to the transaction ID you receive.

– Floating and fixed rates options. You can fix the rates for your transaction to ensure you swap the coins at the most favorable rates.

– Registration and verification are not required. The service respects your confidentiality and never asks for your identity verification. No KYC is used.

– The absence of limits for exchange amounts. Exolix doesn’t set any limits for the cryptocurrency amount you can swap. Still, large sums may require a bit more time to be exchanged.

– Round-the-clock reliable support. You can address customer support service whenever you need help or consultation.

Enjoy the entire spectrum of features by choosing Exolix as your best and most reliable cryptocurrency exchange service.

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