What is CryptoTab Browser?

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There are always interesting cryptocurrency projects worth keeping an eye on. CryptoTab browser is a project which can effectively transform the industry as a whole. Although its business model might not make much sense at first, it is a viable solution to introduce new users to cryptocurrency. 

CryptoTab Browser Explained

The concept of this particular project is not overly difficult to grasp. By using this instead of Google Chrome, Edge, or Safari, users can effectively earn small amounts of cryptocurrency. This is achieved through the built-in mining feature, which seemingly works on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS alike. Users simply have to browse the internet like usual and see the rewards trickle in over time.

As is usually the case where crypto mining is concerned, it won’t make anyone rich. Especially when it comes to mining Bitcoin, a CPU-based approach will not generate that much income whatsoever. It is a viable tool for novice cryptocurrency enthusiasts, but veteran users won’t use this solution anytime soon. 

Not a Brave Competitor

There is some interesting competition going on among cryptocurrency-oriented browsers. Brave is perhaps the most noteworthy project in this regard. It allows users to earn Basic Attention Token by browsing the internet and viewing ads, assuming they live in a relevant area. Unlike CryptoTab, they will not earn Bitcoin by any means, which can be either a blessing or a curse depending on one’s preferences. 

CryptoTab Browser, on the other hand, doesn’t suffer from geological restrictions by any means. It seemingly is accessible by everyone, as long as their computer can run it. Given how lightweight both browsers are, it could be interesting to use both alongside one another. One to earn Bitcoin and the other to earn BAT. Diversification is key in the cryptocurrency world, after all. It is always good to keep all of the options on the table.

Key Aspects to Look into

When it comes to earning cryptocurrency rewards, users want to withdraw funds in a convenient manner. In the case of the CryptoTab browser, users can sign in and withdraw Bitcoin to their own wallet whenever they see fit. This also makes it different from the Brave browser, as withdrawing BAT from that piece of software is still impossible at this time. It was never designed to allow for such functionality, thus this option might suit more people’s needs.

Additionally, users can determine the speed at which this browser mines. Those with older computers and CPUs may want to look into tuning things down a bit. It is also possible for users to import settings and bookmarks from any other browser they might have used in the past. One potential downside to this platform is how users need to log in by using social media accounts. It isn’t necessarily the biggest drawback, yet it isn’t the most elegant solution either. 

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