What is Bitcoin TV?

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Getting Bitcoin to the masses requires a rather innovative approach. The launch of Bitcoin TV may help change that narrative in a positive way. It is a very interesting streaming channel dedicated to the world’s leading cryptocurrency. 

Bitcoin TV is a Solid Idea

Online streaming platforms such as YouTube, LBRY, and others host a lot of Bitcoin-related content. However, every content creator has their own channel. This can make it difficult to gain exposure to all resources one may be interested in. Solving that problem can be done through playlists, albeit it is far from ideal. A more convenient solution now exists, thanks to Bitcoin TV.

As the name suggests, this streaming channel is curated with Bitcoin-only content. Some people may argue altcoins deserve a spotlight too, but in the end, very few people care about those currencies. Other than speculative purposes, and deriving value from BTC, most alternative assets are best ignored altogether. That doesn’t mean there aren’t innovative projects, but they are clearly a minority. 

For the time being, Bitcoin TV can be accessed through YouTube and through its own platform. Not relying on just YouTube is a good idea. After all, Google’s video platform has taken an odd stance toward cryptocurrencies. Legitimate content gets taken offline, but scam live streams can go on without batting an eye. It is evident that YouTube needs to step up its game, but Bitcoin TV may provide a good alternative. 

The channel’s mission is to educate and entertain everyone who tunes in. Whether one is a newcomer or a Bitcoin veteran, there will be content for you to check out around the clock. It is a great project from that perspective. There is a lot more to this currency than most people realize. New things can be learned from anyone who has some knowledge regarding these matters. 

Curation is Crucial

Given the vast amount of Bitcoin content in video format, curation has become a necessity. Granted, this means that not every type of content will be available on Bitcoin TV right away. Slowly but surely, more content types will be added to create a more encompassing streaming channel. 

Bitcoin TV’s Programming Director Brady Swenson adds:

“The time is right for Bitcoin TV to build on this momentum. As hundreds of millions of people around the world discover Bitcoin in the coming years, we will continue our efforts to bring the best minds in the world to Bitcoin TV.”

The main draw of this service is how it can be accessed through any device and even serve as “background content” if one is doing other things. There are a lot of aspects to look forward to, as Bitcoin TV is still in the early stages of development. Numerous content creators are already on board.

The next order of business is to launch on over-the-top TV services, including Roku and Pluto TV. An ambitious goal, but it is far from impossible to achieve. Efforts like these will help shine a spotlight on Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. It has been coming for a while now, and it will be interesting to see what the future holds. 

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