Bitcoin Cash has successfully made an impact on the cryptocurrency industry. Although not everyone is in favor of this altcoin, its community continues to embark on interesting projects. For example, the newly created Bitcoin Cash Football venture puts an interesting spin on the use of BCH.

The Bitcoin Cash Football Project

Unlike what the name might suggest, there is no newly created Bitcoin Cash football team. Instead, this project is designed to bring football enthusiasts and Bitcoin Cash supporters closer together. It is an actual game which works like Football Manager but is designed primarily for mobile devices.

Users who embrace this offering can play as a manager or as a player, which certainly introduces a lot of interesting opportunities to explore. The mobile application certainly seems interesting for users who are passionate about Bitcoin Cash, as it offers a lot of functionality and even allows for the creation of actual tournaments, including prizes to be won. Powered by an internal match engine, users can play as they see fit to reach the desired outcome.

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Perhaps the most appealing concept of Bitcoin Cash Football is the inclusion of real prizes. Players who win championships or tournaments will be eligible to receive small BCH based rewards. Although no one will get rich overnight by any means, it seems safe to say there will be some players earning a bit of money along the way. To date, over 28078 BCH bits have been given away, which isn’t bad for a platform that was launched recently.

While this concept may not necessarily take Bitcoin Cash into the mainstream anytime soon, it is still a pretty interesting development nonetheless. 

Final Thoughts

Linking cryptocurrencies with mobile games can be quite interesting and should be something to keep an eye out for. While Bitcoin Cash Football is not necessarily a mainstream game just yet, but given its way of allowing users to play as either a manager or player will certainly attract some attention sooner or later. 

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