What is Auctus?

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Traditional retirement plans are rigid and usually leave most of their users in the dark regarding key performance data and fee structures. Auctus is an all-new blockchain based platform that aims to provide users with data, fee transparency as well as validation of advice.

When looked at in detail, we can see that Auctus has been designed to provide its customer base with key information they need to make well-informed decisions, thereby allowing them to be in control of their retirement savings.

Simply put, the platform aims to put employees back in control of their retirement funds by offering them access to a global investment platform that helps users create optimized portfolios of bonds, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

The Auctus platform also delivers on other fronts such as:

  • Automation
  • Decentralization
  • Record keeping.

As a result of the aforementioned features, the retirement community is able to come together without the need of any middlemen or financial intermediaries.

Overview of the platform

  • Through the use of Auctus, customers have the ability to set their own retirement goals.
  • The platform also provides live data related to market risks/returns based on a person’s individual circumstances.
  • Users have the ability to choose from stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, or select from a dozen template portfolios that have handpicked by financial experts.
  • Auctus helps build an optimized portfolio for its users so as to maximize their returns while reducing any financial risks.
  • The ecosystem is completely automated and maintains our allocated goals by rebalancing relevant areas of our portfolio, as and when needed.

Key Features

When compared to other investment services, we can see that Auctus has been set up with the purpose of allowing users to reap long-term savings and payouts. The core module comes loaded with analytic tools that extend beyond the use of classic risk calculations and allow users to model their savings using details such as:

  • Contribution amount.
  • Time period.
  • Payout amount.

                           Visual representation of the interface deployed by Auctus

Also important to note is that the Auctus Platform eliminates the need for having multiple cost layers from expensive fund structures, portfolio managers, and further middlemen. Instead, the native ecosystem deploys a model which uses advanced analytic tools along with a robo-advisor driven by latest AI protocols.

While many companies boast of using transparent governance frameworks, very rarely do we find a service that is actually decentralized. However, Auctus uses a setup wherein information is not kept hidden and customers are duly informed about all of their monetary dealings.

                              Third party ventures supporting the project

Lastly, this product employs a result-oriented fee structure wherein the inbuilt robo and human advisory modules have a defined revenue model to incentivize any given advice.

How it works…

Looking at the functional side of things, we find that the platform delivers customers with an aggregated view of all their retirement savings including specifics such as:

  • Government regulated IRA/401k plans
  • Voluntary traditional retirement plans
  • Crypto wallet holdings.

By making use of this holistic view, well-informed decisions as well as a professional long-term strategies, can be established quite effectively.

                                     Overview of the Auctus ecosystem

During the initial phase (alpha version) of deployment, all monetary holdings are uploaded virtually and are maintained through the use of an automated protocol. Once all retirement savings have been submitted to the platform, the user will be able to run analytics as well as the robo advisory algorithm on the entirety of his/her savings.

As development continues to progress, the company aims to make it possible for users to trade cryptocurrencies and tokenize assets straight from the Auctus Platform. This will enable the use of other peripheral features such as

  • Automated rebalancing between cryptocurrency and traditional holdings
  • A healthy marketplace for sourcing retirement apps.

Lastly, the Auctus Platform also delivers on various other fronts including

  • Compatibility: the system allows for the use of traditional fiat assets as well as cryptocurrencies.
  • Long-Term Benefits: the interface provides users with a holistic overview of all their savings on one single device.
  • Automated: the platform runs analytical modules as well as an AI-driven advisor to help users utilize their retirement savings wisely.
  • Timely Assistance: though its delivery of high-quality market data, Auctus is able to help users make well informed economic decisions
  • Community Driven: owing to its highly decentralized structure, this platform provides users with a high level of transparency and trust. Not only that, due to its community-driven model, the ecosystem assists in the development of various dApps that can suit the individual needs of any customer

About the team

Ralph Vantroost is the CEO of this project and brings with him over 12 years of financial service experience. As per his LinkedIn profile, Raphal has successfully held various strategy and M&A positions at esteemed institutions such as:

  • UBS Investment Bank in Zurich
  • Deutsche Bank in London
  • Noor Advisors in Geneva and Dubai.

From an educational standpoint, Ralph has studied Economics at Basel and Yale University and holds an Executive MBA from INSEAD.

Similarly, Daniel Duarte is the CTO for Auctus. He brings along more than 7 years of senior software engineering experience and in the past has led multiple projects at DTI Digital, promoting blockchain technology and leading various blockchain initiatives.

Daniel is well qualified and holds a BSc in Control and Automation Engineering and has further obtained certifications in niche’ domains such as:

  • Machine Learning
  • Salesforce Development & Management.

Lastly, Vinicius Melo is the Head of Strategy for the company. According to his online portfolio, Vinicius brings along a wealth of retirement fund experience and is a certified professional by the Certification Institute of Social Security Professionals (ICSS).

Token Performance Details

Since AUC tokens have only been in the market for a little over 10 days, it can be hard to assess their future market worth.

                      AUC token lifetime performance data (courtesy of Coinmarketcap)

Introduced into the market at a modest price of $0.55 per token, the currency hit its value high on April 29, when the price of a single AUC coin scaled up to an impressive $1.23. Since then, its price has stabilized and the value of one AUC coin now stands at a fair $0.71 (as on May 17).

Final Thoughts

With the retirement industry in desperate for some sort of technological disruption, Auctus comes at an ideal time where it is able to provide users with a platform that can help them plan for their future wisely. Even though the product is still in its nascent stages, it would not be surprising to see Auctus do well this by the end of the year.

If you would like to start investing in this service, AUC trading pairs are currently available on IDEX and Bancor.


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