If you start investing with AMFEIX.com today, you will have access to the benefits the platform has to offer. It’s important to note that AMFEIX is financially incentivized to ensure that you make striking returns on your investments. The platform offers no guarantees but aims for an average monthly return on investments of between 10 and 20%. All this is based on historical data on the fund’s performance. 

As a crypto investment pool, it has adopted both long and short-term strategies in order to safeguard funds. AMFEIX allows 54.5% of the funds to trading via its trading desk. Besides, it adopts crypto-to-fiat and crypto-to-crypto pairings, which are selected through thorough research on expected returns. The digital assets that have a history of high performance, strong potential future gains, and have a low-risk profile are the most favorable to fetch high returns and guarantee safe investments. 

In order to assure investors the security and continuity of their business, AMFEIX operates on the most secure exchanges. Only 30-50% of the pooled funds are traded actively in exchanges and the remaining 50-70% of the pooled are held in cold storage, the most secure method of storage to protect against hacking and the risk of the company going under because of the same. 

Fees and Minimum Investment Period

AMFEIX only charges a 20% profit fee with no flat fees or hidden charges that eat into the profits of the investors. The platform is only able to make profits when the investors make profits. 

There is no minimum investment period, which means that investors are free to exit the fund at any given time and are free to withdraw their capital together with their gains accessible within 24 hours without running the risk of losing their profits to any charges. 

Profit and Loss Calculation 

The base currency on AMFEIX—Bitcoin, is used in the calculation of profit and losses in the platform. AMFEIX is mandated to increase the value of the Bitcoin through either trading or investing, as it’s only able to make profits along with the investors. 

AMFEIX’s policy is to maintain transparency and, as with any investment activity, the possibility of losses occurring cannot be ignored. In such instances, the value of losses is usually shared among all the investors, equally, in respect of their investment in the fund. Such losses that decrease the value of the cryptos are then reflected on all investors’ wallets. 

How Profit Is Shared

All profit is split in the ratio of 2:8. This means that the fund gets 20%, while the investor gets 80%. In order to ensure high levels of transparency, for an account created through referral using their referral code, 10% of the profits goes to AMFEIX while the other 10% goes to the account that referred you. 

Your capital continuously keeps compounding in the fund and the account balance gets recalculated every 24 hours. After every 24 hours, if your investment account has made profit, this is usually split in the ratio of 2:8 between the fund and the investor respectively. 

The profits continue to add up in the AMFEIX wallet up to a point where the investor chooses to make a withdrawal. The investor is always able to make a withdrawal of his entire account balance, at any given time, for any reason. After submitting a withdrawal, it normally takes 24 hours for the funds to become available and send you your Bitcoin for transfer to any outside source of choice.

Overall, AMFEIX.com profit distribution is investor-friendly. You can get started today to start enjoying the benefits.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release


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