What is a Walken (WLKN) and What problem does it solve?


The Walken project has developed an app that combines exercise and Play2Earn, with the goal of introducing people to the world of cryptocurrency and promoting healthy habits. This app is built on the Solana blockchain. The app features NFT characters that users can buy and sell in the in-app NFT marketplaces. The Walken app uses the movement detection capabilities of standard smartphones and wearable devices to capture the step counts of users, which are converted into GEMs (the app’s soft currency). GEMs can be used to upgrade a user’s NFT characters’ level and with it – speed, strength, and stamina so that they can participate in battles in order to win and gain WLKN tokens. Apart from character development and competing against other CAThlete both in PvE and PvP mode, the app features staking opportunities and a fully fledged NFT Marketplace. The Walken protocol will enable a network of developers to create apps that operate on an earn model, allowing app teams to earn ongoing revenue from the activities and earnings of users of their apps.

Walken token (WLKN) Token Overview

  • Token Name: Walken Token
  • Token Symbol: WLKN
  • Total Supply: 2,000,000,000
  • Initial Circulating Supply: 74,000,000
  • Circulation Supply: 459,207,712

Coinstore.com Listing

  • Trading Pair: WLKN /USDT
  • Trade Time: April 27, 10 AM (UTC)
  • Withdrawal Time: April 27, 10 AM (UTC)

What are the utilities of tokens?
The WLKN token plays a vital role in the Walken app and its ecosystem by providing various utilities to its users. Firstly, it serves as a play-to-earn token that incentivizes users to participate in the app by engaging in physical activity and in-app gameplay. This encourages a healthier lifestyle and keeps users engaged with the app.

In addition to earning tokens, users can also create NFT characters tied to WLKN tokens, which can be bought and sold in NFT marketplaces, providing them with a valuable asset.

Moreover, Walken offers staking plans that provide flexible and fixed opportunities to encourage new crypto holders to start earning more from the tokens they receive from living a healthier lifestyle and playing the game.

Overall, the Walken token serves as the backbone of the Walken ecosystem, providing a bridge between the world of health and gaming with the world of cryptocurrency and DeFi. It provides a means of incentivizing user participation and creating a robust ecosystem within the app, ultimately benefiting users and stakeholders alike.


Which part does the project ecosystem include?
The Walken ecosystem aims to bring millions of new users into the world of crypto through apps of all kinds developed by the Walken team and 3rd party studios. The highlight of the ecosystem is the Walken app, which is a mobile app that rewards users with WLKN tokens for in-app game play. Users can also create NFTs through the app that can be bought and sold in NFT marketplaces.

Walken (WLKN) Official Media

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