What is a crypto NFT and how to create one?

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NFTs are new to the market, but some experts are already touting them as the best way to invest in crypto. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token that exists on the blockchain.

What does a non-fungible token mean?

NFT tokens are characterized by the impossibility of equivalently replacing one with another. The file on the basis of which NFT is minted remains the most common file that can be downloaded, copied, and transferred. But the original proof of ownership copy lives on the blockchain and nowhere else. Ownership, as well as copyright, is fixed at the code level and is completely transparent.

What can be sold in the form of an NFT?

Anything. Music, video, pictures, game skins, or any other exclusive digital product. Collectors are ready to spend big money on unique items. Other frequent buyers in the NFT market are gamers who are happy to buy the rarest items (e.g. legendary game cards, weapon skins, rare characters) for their game collection, as well as figures and art lovers. Moreover, art in all its manifestations.

Although blockchain and investing in cryptocurrencies have been around for years, NFTs are relatively new. It can be considered not only as part of a collection or something valuable in terms of emotional experience, nostalgia, or the opportunity to show off a unique acquisition. The ability to resell non-fungible tokens, embedded in their smart contracts, allows them to be considered investments as well.

How to create your own NFT?

There are many platforms that work with NFTs. Some are highly specialized marketplaces and differ in the categories of objects sold: somewhere, you can find only items for video games, while in others — digital art.

Platforms like OpenSea or Rarible take a commission in ethers (this is the name of the exchange unit of the Ethereum cryptocurrency — based on its infrastructure, non-fungible tokens were created). Please note that the ETH/USD exchange rate is not constant. It is recommended to follow cryptocurrencies real time to understand the approximate cost of NFTs.

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