What Fresh B2Trader and B2Core Update Will Bring to Brokers

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The latest version of our B2Trader and B2Core products, which includes several new features, has just been released by the B2Broker team. We’ve always been devoted as a fintech software firm to producing the most cost-efficient, secure, and practical software possible, and these upgrades reflect this dedication. Some updates in this release include:

  • Restructured commissions 
  • Users are provided with a new set of tips
  • Client ID reports and PnL filters
  • Enhanced performance and stability
  • Improved user experience through a revamped UI

Introducing the new commission structure

We redesigned our commission structure completely. Admins can now set the conditions for any group of users with the new group system, so they don’t need to create a distinct role for every individual. Additionally, each group’s commission for each selected instrument can be defined. We can provide our clients more power than ever before by giving them access to this incredible tool. You can find more information regarding the new commission structure in the B2Trader documentation.

Improved UI

Adding helpful tips has dramatically enhanced the user experience. Because all the components of the trading platform are explained in detail on the user interface, it is much easier to understand the specifics of managing the trading platform. To ensure that the tips reflect the latest developments on the platform, they will be updated regularly.

At the onboarding stage, users now have the choice between Newcomer, Experienced, or Professional levels. To provide users with a clear understanding of how the trading platform works, different scenarios are presented based on the user’s selected qualification option. With the Newcomer option, users receive comprehensive training on how to use the platform, including instructions on how to place trades and maintain their accounts. Meanwhile, experienced users will find more complicated scenarios, such as market assessment and risk management. With various options for onboarding, clients with different skill levels can benefit from our platform to the fullest extent.

Client ID Reports

Now, a client-specific identification number – client_ID – will simplify the registration process with financial regulators. Along with email addresses, these IDs are uploaded to all pages where a user is visible, including transfers, transaction/trades, transaction/orders, balance/users, and commission/users. We’ve made compliance with regulations easy for our clients through this feature. This latest update demonstrates the results of intensive work our product team has been doing to reduce manual tasks for our users. 

New Pair Field Upgrade

The hint area has been improved in the field of setting up a new pair (Settings → Markets → Add Market + Edit Market). In addition, error notifications have been added to the areas. It is now possible for the user to see what should be entered in the fields, and the markets cannot be saved if there is an error. As a result, all markets will be set up correctly and function appropriately.  

New PnL Filter

The admin panel now allows you to filter PnL data by year. This will make analyzing customer data more manageable. Keeping track of updates with this option will become streamlined since the data is sorted by the year it was last updated. In addition to these improvements, there are several other bug fixes included in the update.


B2Trader and B2Core are two of the most sophisticated solutions currently available on the market, which provide a wide range of innovative features to ensure a seamless, efficient trading experience. In the near future, we will be releasing several updates that will enhance these capabilities even more. Try our solutions now if you haven’t done so! Also, make sure to read up on the latest packages.

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