What Does the Future Hold for the World Regarding Artificial Intelligence?

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Artificial Intelligence, or AI, as it is generally known is a technology where computers actually learn and the potential of this is huge! Machine learning opens so many doors and when these super-computers are smarter than the humans who built them, what will be the outcome? 

How can AI help humanity?

AI is already making great strides in many fields; product design is one way that AI can help, while AI systems can manage and monitor mega-systems, such as airspace and road networks. One of the sectors that AI is making a big difference is healthcare; AI can make accurate diagnosis from viewing X-Rays and the computer can outperform a human in this regard. How is this possible? The AI system creators feed more than 100,000 X-Ray images through the system and the computer learns from this; the more data it analyses, the better it performs.

Road safety

Driverless cars are now a thing, with Elon Musk’s Tesla already producing self-driving cars. Imagine calling your car via your smartphone and have it pick you up after a night at the pub?

Managing large digital networks

One way that AI is helping us is to monitor and manage large digital networks; next time you are playing the online slot machines at an online casino, AI probably manages the platform and ensures the site cannot be hacked. The day will come when air traffic control is managed by AI, which would be monitored by humans, just to be on the safe side. 

Internet of Things

The IoT is a global platform for digital devices to talk to each other and it will be managed by large AI super-computers. Powered by 5G, AI can effectively manage many systems at the same time and machine learning is being developed day in, day out, pushing the cutting edge as it breaks new ground. It might surprise you to learn that Israel tops the Internet affordability list.

A word of warning

Elon Musk has repeatedly warned the world of the inherent dangers of developing AI without some form of regulation; a frightening scenario would be something like this;

AI quickly discovers that humanity is the cause of all the world’s pollution problems and is basically killing the planet, so the obvious solution is for AI to eliminate human beings from the planet.’

Let us remember that AI has no morals, it views things objectively and who knows how it would respond in such a scenario. Who knows what the US military-industrial complex is doing with AI technology? We can only hope that common sense prevails and machine learning is not used for aggressive means.

Can AI be used for the wrong reasons? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’ and we think that some form of regulatory organisation needs to be set up to ensure that AI is never weaponised. As mentioned already, the potential for AI is unlimited and as we continue to develop this technology, we are sure to see some amazing innovations.

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