What Are The Most Innovative Features Of Binance Coin, Elrond, and Big Eyes?


The cryptocurrency market is a financial market with tons of digital assets. Each asset is unique, and they offer something different. The degree of success depends on the features offered to users. While you’ll find several projects with admirable qualities in crypto, some leave plenty to be desired. It’s up to every trader to do comprehensive research before signing up.

Binance coin, Elrond, and Big Eyes are remarkable cryptocurrency projects that have gained worldwide attention from developers and users. Why are they unique?

Worlds Biggest CEX

If you check the list of top tokens worldwide, you will find Binance coin (BNB) sitting pretty as one of the first to be mentioned. Binance coin’s position as one of the top tokens in the coin market is due to features many users find suitable and agree with. So, what are these features?

The first thing to note about Binance coin’s features is that the cryptocurrency is fast. Unlike other projects that have to process a transaction for minutes, Binance coin can do it within a few seconds. Also, the Binance coin is designed to run on the Binance Smart Chain. It’s one of the few tokens that have individual blockchains. When Binance coin was added to the crypto space, it was launched on the Ethereum blockchain. Since its transfer to the BSC, Binance has been able to process transactions faster and cheaper. Several projects are built on the Binance Smart Chain, including PancakeSwap.

Furthermore, Binance coin burns portions of its total supply regularly. These token burns will reduce the total supply of the project. Therefore, the value of the token will increase gradually.

Connection the DeFi World

One of the first features to note about Elrond is that the project was designed to handle multiple transactions at once. The platform runs on a native currency referred to as EGLD. It’s safe to say that Elrond is a DeFi project because it can rely on its blockchain to create decentralized applications through smart contracts.

Elrond was founded in 2018 and named after a popular Lord of The Rings character. Elrond can achieve near-transaction finality through a secure proof-of-stake protocol. This blockchain can run multiple transactions without hindering each other. Due to its infrastructure, Elrond can process up to 15,000 transactions every second. Also, a new block is added to this decentralized protocol every six seconds. And this would improve Elrond’s ability to handle large transactions.

Eyes Only for the Future

There are many projects in the meme sector, and it’s one of the latest tokens in the coin market. While this project is yet to be released, it has already gained plenty of hype. Big Eyes recently engaged in a Twitter meme war. In this Twitter war, Tamadoge was compared with Big Eyes. This hype has pushed many users to join the Big Eyes presale. Today, the Big Eyes presale is in the fifth stage, and billions of tokens are still up for grabs. You can join the presale and purchase your quantity of Big Eyes.

Big Eyes is a community-driven token where users will determine the next direction for the coin market. The Big Eyes community will access 90% of the total supply. The total supply for this project equals 200 Billion BIG tokens. No single user will be able to control the future development of the token.

Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/

Website: https://bigeyes.space/

Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL

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