What Are the Basic Things Which You Should Know About the Rectangular Prism?


In the world of mathematics, the study of shapes and configuration of the objects is very much important and a rectangular prism is considered to be a polyhedron that will have two congruent and parallel bases and it is also considered to be a type of cuboid. It will be having six faces and each of the faces will be in the shape of a rectangle which will make sure that the overall shape will be having 12 edges. Because of this particular cross-section along the length, it is also considered to be a type of prism. Similar to the triangle, square and pentagonal prism this particular shape will also have a good amount of surface area and the surface area of the prism is the area of its net.

The rectangular prism is considered to be a three-dimensional shape that will be having six faces and all faces will be rectangles. Both of the bases of the prism will be a rectangle and other faces will also be rectangles which will make it the shape of a cuboid.

 Following are the basic properties of the rectangular prism:

  • It will have 6 faces, 12 edges and 8 vertices.
  • Its opposite sides and faces will always be in the rectangular shape
  • It will have a rectangular or cross-section
  • It will always look like exactly a cuboid

There are two types of rectangular prisms which are explained as follows:

  • The right rectangular prism: A prism that has it rectangular basis is known as the rectangular prism and the right rectangular prism will be the prism that will be having six faces that will be rectangles and all the angles will be right angles. The vertices will be eight; edges will be 12 and faces of the rectangular prism including the bases will be six.
  • Oblique rectangular prism: This is the type of prism in which bases will not be perpendicular to each other but the rectangular prism with bases that are not aligned will directly be above the other which is known as the oblique rectangular prism.
  1. The volume of the rectangular prism formula can be very easily described as length into width into height cubic units.
  2. The lateral surface area of this particular shape can be described as two into some of length and width
  3. The surface area of the rectangular prism can be considered as two into length into height plus bit into height plus length into the square units.

  4. Being clear about the rectangular prism net is another very important thing because this will be a clear-cut indicator of the surface area and whenever the people will be opening the prism into the plane all of its sides will be visible at the same time. The calculation of all the sides using the net will always allow the people to have proper access to the total surface area of the shape.

Hence, being clear about the basic characteristics and the basic formulas associated with the whole shape is very much important for people so that they can make the right kind of decisions At the time of solving the questions without any kind of problem and are further very much successful in terms of ensuring that overall goals of scoring well into the mathematics exam can be easily achieved. Further depending upon platforms like Cuemath is a great idea on the behalf of people because the experts over there will always help in providing the kids with the right kind of support and guidance in the whole process so that they have a good command over the volume of rectangular prism formula very easily and are never facing any kind of query or doubt in their minds. In this way, the kids will always score well in the mathematics exam because they will be crystal clear in terms of the basic concepts in their minds.

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