What are NFTs? [Infographic]

what are NFTs?

It isn’t too late to join the party. Whether you’re an artist, an investor, or both, chances are you’ve heard people talking about NFTs. But what are NFTs? Think of them as digital art on the blockchain. If you think it doesn’t make sense to collect, create, and invest in such a thing – that only “real” art is worth investing in – think again. The benefit of being on the blockchain is that you’ll have a clear record of transactions versus physical only art that could be forged and stolen. That’s not to say that there are not scams happening in the crypto world, always proceed with caution.

If you’re a beginner, that’s ok – here is a helpful start on how you can gain knowledge. Learn more about what NFTs are and how you can get involved in the following visual deep dive below.

The Basics Of NFTs: Digital Art & Collectibles on the Blockchain
Source: Expensivity

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