What are Ethereum Tokens?

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Like the dot-com boom of the early 2000s, the cryptocurrency revolution is giving rise to a new generation of companies and ideas. While Bitcoin was the first widespread use case of blockchain technology, Ethereum has shown that one can use it for far more than just creating digital cash. But does that apply to Ethereum tokens?

What are Ethereum tokens?

Tokens are a digital representation of a particular asset. Like ordinary coins, they have their unique design and can be used as a form of payment. However, Ethereum tokens differ from cryptocurrencies in representing anything other than money. For example, you can create your own token representing the amount of time spent on Amazon reading about Ethereum. It might not be valuable, but the option exists.

The main use of Ethereum tokens is to power up decentralized applications (DApps) within the Ethereum network. These programs run on smart contracts, essentially pieces of code that control how information is stored and shared on the blockchain. 

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When someone uses one of these DApps, their token will be deducted from their total supply. Each time they make a transaction, they pay for computing resources.

Smart Contract Illustration

What is a token sale?

A token sale is a way for projects to raise funds by selling their tokens. Tokens are digital assets that can be used in the project or exchanged for fiat currency.

When a project starts a token sale, it creates a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain and publishes it to the world. The contract contains information about how much currency will be sold, at what price, and when they can be purchased.

This process allows investors (or buyers) to purchase tokens with ether (ETH). It is common for Ethereum tokens to be acquired with ETH only, although stablecoins may be an alternative payment option.

How do I get Ethereum tokens?

Ethereum tokens are easy to get, and you can do it in three ways:

  • Buy them on an exchange, like Coinbase or Kraken
  • Earn them by contributing to a project or refer new users
  • Complete bounties and other tasks

Tokens are an exciting new financial instrument

Unlike stocks and bonds, Ethereum tokens aren’t necessarily tied to the value of a company or organization. Instead, they’re tied to whatever utility they serve within the network. For example, say you purchase tokens that let you access decentralized applications (dapps). Those tokens can increase in value if more people use those dapps and thus need to spend their tokens on them.

That’s why many investors are excited about Ethereum and its potential as an investment class. It represents one of the first opportunities for individuals to invest directly in startups without any intermediaries involved. 

The ultimate goal is for this crowdfunding model to replace traditional public offerings entirely. It allows startups to raise funds from anyone who wants in at any time during their growth cycle instead of just pre-IPO investors with deep pockets. Those investors may not care about long-term results so much as short-term profits.


Ethereum tokens are a new emerging asset class that is still being defined. They can serve as digital assets or digital currency or even represent ownership in certain projects. 

They can offer investors more liquidity than traditional investments such as stocks and bonds. Therefore, it’s essential to understand these things before buying into them. We hope this article has given you some insight into the world of Ethereum tokens!

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