What Are Crypto Launchpads and Which Are the Best Ones? BoostX, Polkastarter and Binance Launchpad

To take advantage of new crypto projects, look no further than IDO launchpads.

As a newcomer to the crypto space, you may be overwhelmed by the variety of fundraising options available—initial coin offerings (ICOs), initial DEX offerings (IDOs), and more. Crypto fundraising has gained traction as a result of lower entry barriers and increased access to a larger pool of investors. Therefore, you do not want to pass up this opportunity. If you’re unsure where to begin, consider using a crypto launchpad, such as BoostX.

What are Crypto Launchpads?

As with startup incubators, crypto launchpads assist projects in raising capital on their platform via offerings such as initial coin offerings (IDOs). You begin by submitting your project to a launchpad. The launchpad then vets your project, along with a large number of others.

The vetting process takes into account the project’s development roadmap, potential for widespread adoption, the team behind it, and the project’s benefits to the crypto ecosystem, among other factors.

Launchpads then allow a select few projects to be featured on their platform following the completion of the process.

The Advantages of Using IDO Launchpads:

  • Gain access to a sizable pool of investors and potential projects

Both startups and investors benefit from launchpads. Startups have the opportunity to present their projects to investors from all over the globe and potentially convince them to invest. The only barrier to entry is the vetting process, which should be straightforward if you have no loose ends.

Investors benefit from launchpads because they aggregate a variety of projects on a single platform. Additionally, by joining the launchpad, investors gain early access to projects, resulting in a lower token price than others will pay later.

  • A more secure ecosystem

Due to the fact that the projects are verified, investors are less likely to lose money or become victims of scams. Launchpads eliminate the possibility of rug pull scams, in which startup founders defraud you of your money and then vanish. Additionally, launching a project on launchpads is not prohibitively expensive. As a result, startups need not be concerned about missing out on too much.

The Most Popular Cryptocurrency Launchpads

Numerous launchpads have sprung up in recent years to assist startups. Consider the following well-known examples:


BoostX distinguishes itself from the majority of other launchpads by allowing investors to invest in DeFi projects on multiple blockchains. BoostX evaluates and selects cryptocurrency projects on a variety of blockchains, including Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Avalanche (AVAX), Polkadot (DOT), Ethereum (ETH), and Terra (LUNA).

Additionally, BoostX is a technology provider that assists new projects in conducting successful presales and launches through the use of an innovative presale dashboard with dynamic pricing.

BoostX also provides advisory services to startups, including mentorship and assistance with cryptocurrency marketing. As a result, some of the projects BoostX are assisting have surged over 2000% since inception.

With numerous other DeFi projects on the way, BoostX may be the best place to find the newest cryptos with the potential of huge returns in 2022.


This launchpad, which launched in October 2020, already has over 200,000 investors. It enables decentralised auctions, which enables startups to raise substantial sums of money.

Tosdis, a provider of DeFi-as-a-Service (DaaS), recently completed a successful IDO on Polkastarter. POLS’s pool sold out in a record-breaking 30 seconds. The public pool was sold out in 90 minutes after some overloading and gas issues were resolved.

Binance Launchpad

Binance Launchpad, dubbed the first successful example of a crypto launchpad, launched in 2019. Apart from offering tokens, the platform functions similarly to a traditional incubator, providing mentorship and marketing to startups.

The company described its venture as “a comprehensive advisory service for projects that will benefit from our insights and experience” in a blog post. “We ensure that projects can concentrate their efforts on what matters most: developing their product and increasing adoption,” they explained.

Invest Wisely

Bear in mind that, as with any cryptocurrency venture, investing in crypto projects on launchpads carries a certain amount of risk. Their business models are highly dependent on the project’s success or failure. As a result, if the value of their projects decreases, the native token’s value decreases as well.

Launchpads can be costly, particularly if you want access to the most promising startups. Having said that, they are an excellent way for startups and investors to collaborate without the use of intermediaries or other constraints. You do not have to be a venture capitalist to invest, nor do you have to be a seasoned startup founder to raise funds. It is an open platform.

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