What Are Anonymous Casinos and How Do They Work?

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Online gambling is a fun activity but it could still be a taboo subject. This is why many people who’d play real money games prefer having as much privacy as they could when playing online. Luckily, online casinos don’t require players to display their real names on their gaming profiles. Any username could work but still, there are people who would like to gamble anonymously if they can.

Many would argue that gambling anonymously is impossible because online casinos need to make sure that they are dealing with real and adult players. They do this by letting their customers go through a verification process that may require people to present an ID. In some cases, a thorough verification process is necessary like in the United Kingdom where operators are required to check for the identity and age of their customers.

With that said, it could be impossible for some people to gamble anonymously on a traditional fiat or crypto casino. However, there are now ways for people to do so completely especially if the local laws don’t have any regulations about this. Many players who want to keep their gaming sessions private and anonymous now resort to anonymous casinos.

More About Anonymous Casinos

An anonymous casino sound exactly what it is. On this type of gambling site, players can create an account without going through a thorough verification process. Most anonymous online casinos may only require a player to have an email address and this is something that you can easily create without using your real information.

Typically, the signing up process on an anonymous gambling site could take under a minute. You may only need to create a username and a password and key in an email address. However, some of these casino sites may require you to input a phone number. Either way, they won’t ask for your name, age, or any other proof of identity.

Now, you may wonder how transactions go about an anonymous casino. A traditional casino would usually have different payment solutions that you can use and usually these methods would no longer make your transactions anonymous. Well, anonymous gambling sites operate through the use of cryptocurrencies.

You definitely will need to go through a thorough verification process when creating a crypto wallet but once you make a transaction, the receiving end will only see the transaction ID and your wallet address. Altcoins are also the most popular way to anonymize crypto transactions and anonymous casinos do offer options on different altcoins like Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, and many more.

The Pros and Cons

If you’re after gambling anonymously, then anonymous casinos would suit you well but this may not be for everyone. After all, many players still resort to traditional casinos and do not mind submitting proof of identity. Generally, what’s advantageous about playing anonymously on these crypto sites usually includes being able to transact with zero to low fees. 

If you’re someone who also wants to be able to play games right away, then you’d find anonymous casinos handy. Just sign up with a username and password and you’re good to go. Transactions on these sites are also usually instant for both deposits and payouts. 

Anonymous casino gaming is still in its infancy compared to traditional online gambling. With that, many of these casinos are relatively new and are still trying to gain more customers. Many of them would try to attract new customers by being generous when it comes to bonuses.

Now, like any other gambling activity, playing at an anonymous casino also comes with risks. Know that many of these sites are still unlicensed and this form of gambling is still unregulated. And so, always be cautious about the operator you’re dealing with. Check for reviews first before signing up on a website.

Another noticeable con of playing at an anonymous casino site is that games may be limited. Don’t expect that an anonymous gambling site would offer as many games as a traditional casino site. Most of the time, you may only see a few selections on the slot machine, poker, and blackjack games.

Since these operators would only transact with cryptocurrencies, know that the value of your bankroll may change a lot in a matter of days. Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile and even if you don’t use them, you may find your crypto wallet with less money on the next day. Overall, gambling anonymously can still be what suits you best. It just really depends on how much you value your privacy and if you’re just really unwilling to go through verification steps that could take some time and effort.

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