Whales Sell Off Their Chainlink (LINK) and Pepe (PEPE) Tokens to Get DigiToads (TOADS)


Crypto whales own enough crypto to influence trends and prices in this volatile market, so staying up to date with whales’ activity is important in order to join the next bull run at the right time. As of now, crypto whales are selling off their Chainlink (LINK) and Pepe (PEPE) as the new entrant, DigiToads (TOADS), promises explosive growth and long-term potential.

DigiToads Explosive Growth Catches Whales’ Attention

Whales are flocking to DigiToads in their search for a more stable and high-growth crypto. This alt coin has a promising future thanks to its commitment to value and utility.

The DigiToads ecosystem boasts several catalysts for growth. First of all, the TOADS token is deflationary, which means that the built-in token-burning events will steadily decrease supply over time, preserving the value of the token.

Secondly, while whales cash out cryptos like LINK or PEPE, DigiToads has several mechanisms to protect against rug pulls or massive sell-offs. Apart from the deflationary nature, token holders have the opportunity to buy and stake cool NFTs on the DigiToad platform. The longer you stake your asset, the more rewards you will receive, ensuring the long-term growth of the ecosystem.

DigiToads’ value is deeply rooted in its whitepaper, which outlines a clear vision and path for the project. The team plans on building a flourishing community centered around many competitions and high rewards that will boost TOADS’ popularity and value in the long term. Some of these include trading competitions, but also gaming contests and weekly giveaways.

Finally, DigiToads holders benefit from monthly airdrops, which guarantees a consistent growth of their crypto holdings. Gamers could further enrich their portfolio by playing the Web3 game, in which you need to collect, grow, and battle DigiToads, the main character represented by an NFT.

DigiToads is still in its presale stages, early investors can buy the TOADS token at a discount. The TOADS price has already increased by 170% in the past six presale stages and is projected to increase by more than 33% in the next stage.

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Has Chainlink Hit Rock Bottom?

More than 60% of all LINK holders are currently sitting on unrealized losses. The price of LINK has been in a steady decrease, and further data suggest a long-term decline in its value.

For instance, the network activity has been dropping since the end of March. This means that existing investors are likely to decrease their LINK holdings, and new investors are hesitant about opening new ones.

At press time, Chainlink decreased by nearly 20% in the past month. If the market conditions remain the same, LINK could reach new lows.

Is Pepe Hype Over?

The Pepe meme coin has been at the forefront for some weeks now. The insane hype, however, seems to have reached its end as investors are looking for the next meme coin with a huge fanbase.

The massive dip could have been the result of the ongoing lack of utility for this meme coin. Unlike DigiToads, Pepe coin’s hype was simply speculative in nature. Now, investors appear to close their positions and look for the next meme coin with huge potential and real-world utility, such as DigiToads.


As crypto whales cash out investments in Chainlink and Pepe, the buzz around DigiToads keeps growing at an impressive rate. The project has amassed impressive support thanks to its utility and many features, such as deflationary tokenomics, multiple ways to earn and grow the crypto portfolio, and even the opportunity to generate long-term, passive income through the stake-to-earn mechanism. With such a bright future ahead, it is no wonder that this is one of the best alt coins for a high-growth, long-term portfolio.

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.


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