Whales Are Selling Tether (USDT) And USD Coin (USDC) to Buy Everlodge (ELDG) Tokens


The U.S. banking system has faced a crisis in the last month. Several high-profile banks have gone bankrupt, and the value of the dollar has declined. As a result, stablecoins like USD Coin and Tether are looking less stable than ever before.

This lack of stability is causing some investors to jump boat. Thousands of investors are selling their USD Coin and Tether holdings daily to diversify their portfolios. Many are expected to buy Everlodge tokens which the presale begins later this year. Here’s why.

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Everlodge Presale Is Expected To Become A Big Hit

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Everlodge is a DeFi property marketplace specializing in hotels, vacation homes, and luxury villas. It’s the first project to offer fractional vacation home ownership, which gives Everlodge huge potential to disrupt the $82.63 billion vacation rental home market.

The Everlodge ecosystem will showcase a number of unique applications. Its star feature is the Everlodge marketplace. Here, investors will be able to buy and sell NFTs that represent a percentage of a property.

Its second feature is the Everlodge launchpad. Though still focusing on the property market, the launchpad is designed for property developers. Developers will be able to use the launchpad to raise funds for projects, rewarding investors with high returns.

The third feature of Everlodge is its rewards club. Members of the reward club will earn free nightly stays across Everlodge properties. This will use a tier system and will operate like a timeshare. If a member doesn’t want to use this time, they can sell it for an additional income source.

Investors who own shares in a property will also have access to additional lending opportunities. For example, they can use their assets as collateral for additional funds, speeding up how quickly they build a property portfolio.

The Everlodge presale will start at $0.01 per ELDG token. Tokens will reach $0.035 by the end of the presale, after which they will be sold on Uniswap and 2 Tier-1 exchanges. As Everlodge gains momentum, experts believe that its value could increase by 30x in 2023. As a result, both Tether and USD Coin holders are preparing to buy tokens once the Everlodge presale begins.

Tether Trading Volume Drops Below $20 Billion

Tether’s daily trading volume has declined throughout July. With many investors becoming uncertain about the value of the dollar, Tether may not be as stable as investors first thought. As a result, Tether’s daily trading volume has fallen by 14.23% overnight to $19.53 billion.

If the banking crisis throughout the U.S. continues, experts believe that Tether’s popularity could continue to decline. Given that Tether lost $850 million in a hack earlier this year, many investors are now starting to diversify.

USD Coin Holders Diversify With Everlodge

USD Coin holders are in a similar situation to Tether holders. As confidence in the U.S. dollar falls, many are choosing to sell their USD Coin holdings. In the last 24 hours, USD Coins’ daily trading volume has fallen by 13.13% to $2,876,553,130.

In July alone, 100,000 investors sold USD Coins, a 50,000 increase from the month before. This is a sign that investors are now diversifying, with reports suggesting that many USD Coin holders will buy Everlodge.

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