Well-known Crypto Project Mask Invited BetaMars CTO Zach in Their Community to Talk about BetaMars

Source: Twitter @Betamars2025

Mask Network does well in bridging users from Web2.0 to Web3.0, serving as the vital infrastructure in Web3.0. Recently Zach Lopez, the CTO of BetaMars was invited by Mask Network to share BetaMars project to the community. Zach Lopez, leading the BetaMars team as CTO, is responsible for the overall underlying blockchain code design and writing and the source code upgrade for BetaMars smart contracts. Before, he worked with BM to develop the Bitshare and EOS projects. Zach is well experienced in the blockchain sector.

BetaMars (https://www.betamars.io) is a metaverse project integrated metaverse UGC, strategy battle, DAO and NFT. As the first metaverse project to explore the “digitized relationship between human and society”, BetaMars speedily gains strong market flow, including Pluto Capital, Youbi Capital, GameMine Capital, HOT DAO, Kryptos, BIP32 Venture and other well-known institutions, with a total funding exceeded ten million dollars. Meanwhile it is reported by Cointelegraph, Coinspeaker, Yahoo Financial and many other media.

Source: Twitter @Betamars2025

In this live event, Zach mainly introduced the BetaMars project vision, ecological distribution, future development plan to Mask community members. 

Talking about the BetaMars future ecological plan, Zach said, in the current game market, centralized governance of user-generated content by game developers limits the rights and ownership of creators, and centralized control over the trading of player-created virtual goods limits the ability of players to create value for their work.

BetaMars team is committed to building a surreal metaverse civilization and world, allowing players to collaboratively create content without centralized governance. BetaMars has 3 stages, the 1.0 world construction stage, 2.0 sandbox social metaverse and 3.0 virtual reality metaverse where players will experience a vivid second life!

Zach illustrates his view to the current metaverse market as well. Zach stated that the future trend of metaverse track should focus on the users’ initiative and integration of users’ emotion and metaverse digital world to achieve the immersive metaverse experiences. He said, “At present, the metaverse market is hot, causing serious market hype. Most projects are of strong financial attributes and they ignore the true connotation of the metaverse world! The birth of BetaMars will deeply explore the real essence of the metaverse field.

In the mid-February, the BetaMars closed beta test will be open, after that, BetaMars will be officially launched, showing a positive development path of the project. As it progresses, the super metaverse ecology combined with sociality, entertainment,trade and multi-functions will derive!

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