Weekly Top DeFi Assets Ranked by APY: KIMCHI, PICKLE, SOLARITE, ULU

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Yield farming has become the new normal in the world of cryptocurrency. Finding the right pairs and markets to explore, is a different matter. The following pairs all provide hefty yearly returns, but they also require some thorough research before investing. APY Statistics provided by CoinGecko.


Finding the right KIMCHI market to explore can make the difference between annual returns of 2,496% or 4,983%. All of the top options pertaining to KICHI are more than worth exploring under the given circumstances. Providing liquidity for KIMCHI/SUSHI and KIMCHI/WETH will yield up to 2,595% APY. Those willing to take a bigger gamble can venture into KIMCHI/TEND and aim for that 4983% APY. Keep in mind these rates will continue to fluctuate on an hourly basis. 


A somewhat surprising name on this list – although commonly found on Crypto Twitter – is Pickle.finance. The native PICKLE token, especially when paired with WETH liquidity, will yield an APY of nearly 3,300%. This is a very high return for a token most people may not have heard about until today. Sustaining such strong returns will be difficult, although DeFi has shown that anything is possible. 


Another token not necessarily generating much buzz is Solarite. That situation is different when looking at the DeFI APY it can provide, however. Solarite can be paid with YCURVE, Pylon Zombie, and PYLON for returns between 2,330% and 3,066% yearly. Picking between these options is crucial, as yCURVE appears to be the only established token of the three right now. That said, there are different options to explore for a reason. 

Universal Liquidity Union

The final token on today’s list is Universal Liquidity Union, or ULU. It has strong pairs with GT and Sushi on Balancer to yield an APY between 1,438% and 2,203%. Very powerful option to explore now and in the future. It is also good to see Balancer show up in this list, as all other pairs are found on Uniswap. An interesting competition appears too be heating up in this regard. 

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