Weekly STO Recap: Strong Recovery for TZROP, AspenCoin Does Well

CryptoMode STO Market Weekly

Another exciting week is in the books for the STO markets. Many projects saw interesting changes, and the launch of AspenCoin has shaken things up a bit. These markets continue to attract a lot attention for various reasons. 

STO Market cap Approaches $500 Million Again

It has been a bit of a rough ride for STO tokens over the past few days. Numerous projects had to overcome a dip of sorts, which was not entirely what most investors and speculators had expected at first. Even Overstock’s OSTKO token is slipping a bit, making one wonder what could potentially be going on behind the scenes.

For tZERO’s TZROP, the dip has been overcome successfully for the most part. Thanks to a solid 29.35% gain recently, the token is bouncing back very strongly. As such, it will only be a matter of time until the STO market cap approaches $500 million again. A pretty big setback, all things considered, but nothing that can’t be undone in relatively quick succession. 

AspenCoin Holds its own

Whenever a new STO token comes to market, there is always a lot of initial interest. AspenCoin is a different creature. It is effectively tied to the St. Regis location, with each token representing indirect ownership interest in one share of the common stock. As such, it is less likely to fluctuate in value wildly, but there are still some minor price changes to take note of. 

Over the past few days, the value of AspenCoin has hovered between $1.32 and $1.28. Not a big difference, all things considered, but still something to take note of. It is now a matter of time until this STO token begins to note bigger trading volume. 

Where is Blockchain Capital Token?

Another STO token going through some volatility is Blockchain Capital Token. With its value hovering between $1.02 and $3.22, a lot of things have happened. Interestingly enough, the token has not been traded for over a month now. 

Whether the token will resume trading, remains to be determined. There is no official mention of halting trading, although Blockchain Capital seems intent to explore the decentralized finance industry in the near future.

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