Weekly CoinGecko Trends: ETHVerse and DeFi Token Dominance

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Every week in the cryptocurrency world is very different from the one prior. Looking at the popular searches on CoinGecko, it is evident that things are shifting around quite often. DeFi tokens still reign supreme, but a lot of new queries have been added to the list. 

Ethverse is the top Trend

It will come as a relatively big surprise, but Ethverse is the most searched term on CoinGecko in the past week. This new virtual world owned by its users runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Virtual worlds are nothing new, but they often struggle to retain users. Whether this version, built on Minecraft, will fare any better, has yet to be determined.

Creating a Minecraft-Ethereum hybrid will certainly be of great appeal to a lot of people. Users will be given a chance to own and trade plots of land and assets within the Ethverse world. By having access to asset monetization, it can prove to be a rather lucrative virtual world, all things considered.

Plenty of DeFi Action

Another week has gone by with plenty of DeFi token action, either for better or worse. The rise of YAM is quite spectacular, and ChainLink has continued its strong uptrend as well. Band Protocol is also heading in the right direction, at least as far as these rankings are concerned. 

Newly launched Serum, which shot up in value exponentially, is also getting a lot of attention. Orion Protocol, another promising project, starts to find its groove thanks to a lucrative pre-staking APR. On the other side of the spectrum, the overall excitement regarding Swipe seems to have tapered off a bit, for now. 

Ethereum and Bitcoin Drop Hard

Going down the rankings, it becomes evident that top cryptocurrencies are losing popularity. Despite some bullish momentum for both Bitcoin and Ehereum, they are going down the rankings pretty quickly. Ethereum has lost 10 places, whereas Bitcoin lost 16.

One could argue that most people are well aware of both assets. Finding out new information or potential exchanges is not all that difficult these days. It is also interesting how no other top crypto asset even makes it into the top 30 on CoinGecko searches these days. Everyone is chasing pumps, by the look of things. 


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