Weekly CoinGecko Trend Searches: It’s all About DeFi

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    Keeping tabs on trends within the cryptocurrency space is always a worthwhile venture. People tend to look for information for a lot of things, and CoinGecko is the best resource to use in this regard. Its top weekly trending searches are very telling as what people care about in the cryptocurrency space today. Statistics are provided by DAOMaker

    DeFi Reigns Supreme

    It will not come as too big of a surprise, but a lot of search queries on CoinGecko pertain to DeFi projects. This industry, primarily accessible through Ethereum, has seen an influx of money lately. With dozens of individual projects active in this space, comparing them is crucial to make a well-informed decision. 

    Of the DeFi projects being looked up, a few stand out. 

    CryptoMode CoinGecko Search Trends

    The top search, DMM Governance, may not ring a bell right away. It pertains to the DeFi Money Market ecosystem. Currently, users can earn  up to 6.25% on Ether, DAI, and USDC deposits. It seems that this may be one of the DeFi projects to keep an eye on.

    Compound has also made a lot of headlines. Not only has the project really taken off, the native COMP token has seen a massive price surge – and subsequent crash – as well. 

    Balancer and Synthetix Network have become two search terms to keep an eye on as well. Both projects have become of great interest to decentralized finance enthusiasts lately. Based on their search trend, it seems likely that this will continue.

    Other popular DeFi projects in the top 30 include Aave, Kava, Tellor, and a few others. This industry is clearly booming, and it will be pertinent to keep tabs on everything that is going on.

    DigiByte Beats Most Altcoins

    Gauging the popularity of different altcoin ecosystems is never easy. If the CoinGecko trending searches are an indication, DigiByte seems to be on the right track. It proves to be more popular than the likes of Cardano, Ripple, Tron, and Dogecoin. 

    On social media, there has been a lot of talk about DigiByte as well. The project is gaining more recognition in the past few months. While many people may dismiss altcoins and their blockchains, it is evident that something is getting people excited.

    Ethereum Ahead of Bitcoin, Litecoin is #30

    Perhaps the most interesting trend is how top projects rank. Ethereum is clearly ahead of Bitcoin for this week. Whether this is due to the DeFi craze, remains unclear. There is a lot more to Ethereum than just DeFi, however.

    Looking over the rankings, Litecoin’s position raises a lot of questions. Coming in 30th place is not something most people would expect to see at this time. It makes one wonder where Litecoin will be positioned next week. 

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