Weekly Active Wallet Activity Picks Up For Many Polygon Blockchain Games

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The blockchain gaming industry remains of great interest to enthusiasts and speculators. Unfortunately, it proves increasingly difficult for projects to retain users. Recent developments on Polygon offer some hope for Web3 games, although consistently growing the user base remains tricky. 

Polygon Blockchain Gaming Growth

It has been an exciting end to February 2023 for most blockchain games on Polygon. As the focus on L2 solutions intensifies, so will the shift in activity for gaming, NFTs, and DeFi. Polygon has a strong position in these segments, assuming it can continue to grow its audience. That is often easier said than done, even if most of the network’s games saw an increase in weekly active wallets. 

Planet IX remains the top Polygon-based Web3 game, with roughly 50,0000 weekly active wallets. That is a healthy 17.4% increase WoW, although the overall number isn’t necessarily impressive. Many mainstream video games would love to see 50,000 active gamers per week. It is challenging to build sustainable gaming economies, especially where cryptocurrencies are concerned. 

Benji Bananas (31.3k, +11.5%) and Arc8 by GAMEE (23.3k, +235.9%) had a stellar week, too. Particularly the growth of Arc8 is intriguing. It seems to indicate the audience drops off entirely now and then before returning in droves. Even so, a 300% weekly gain in active wallets is spectacular. Similar numbers are noted by Playbit, which saw 289% more active wallets last week. Overall, these are healthy signs for Polygon-based blockchain gaming.

Even so, seeing only four projects surpass 7,500 weekly active wallets is unfortunate. Besides the three mentioned earlier, there’s also Ultimate Champions, at 11k weekly active wallets. The Sandbox has fallen hard, noting barely 5,300 active wallets last week. In addition, Aavegotchi is rebounding, thanks to a 12% increase.  

Healthy Publisher Competition

Contrary to mainstream gaming, Polygon games are all built by different publishers and teams. No publisher ranks in the top 10 twice, which is good. It is often better to focus on one Web3 title and do it well. Spreading oneself too thin leads to copy-pasta gaming experiences, weird monetization approaches, and a less fun overall experience. These top titles on Polygon all provide a decent experience and tackle different approaches. 

It is worth noting that Planet IX is the fourth largest blockchain game based on active users. It ranks behind Alien Worlds, Splinterlands, and Farmers World. Arc8 and Benji Bananas rank #8 and #9, respectively, confirming the network’s strong momentum. Sustainability remains the critical hurdle to overcome in the Web3 gaming industry. There’s still more work to do for all ecosystems and game developers. 

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