Web3Torrent Incentivizes Torrent Seeding With Ethereum Micropayments

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Innovation is crucial in the blockchain world. Web3Torrent is one of the more interesting new ventures to come to market. It is a browser-based torrenting client with plenty of unique aspects. 

Web3Torrent Tackles an important Aspect

  • Torrenting has received a very negative reputation due to its association with pirated content.
  • At its core, this technology can be used to transfer any file in a peer-to-peer manner.
  • Bringing this latter concept to the mainstream is posing challenges, but Web3Torrent aims to change the narrative. 
  • Through this browser-based torrenting client, users can experiment with incentivized peer-to-peer file sharing
  • All of this is made possible through the use of micropayments.
  • Powering these micropayments are state channels on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • State channels are a layer-two scaling technique for Ethereum, removing any concerns regarding Ethereum network congestion.
  • Achieving trustless, instant, and zero-fee transactions among users is incredibly beneficial to this new approach.
  • Seeding uploaded files will allow users to begin earning small amounts of money from anyone downloading the content.
  • For now, Web3Torrent is on the testnet and still in beta. 
  • Solving the lack of incentivization for torrenting has been challenging, as there is no real reason for anyone to keep seeding files.

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