Web3 Game MixMob Drops the New Alpha Release with Unique Functionality and Sustainable In-Game Economy


The Web3 gaming space has gained substantial traction, although the activity remains below its 2021 highs. The market capitalization of some leading games has dropped significantly; however, companies are working towards building games with sustainable economies and enhancing user experience. This shift will unleash the potential of the gaming industry and build a fantastic user experience. The blockchain gaming industry is roughly valued at 4.6 billion dollars and is a growing slice compared to the traditional gaming industry.

MixMob is launching its highly-anticipated NFT game, MixMob: Racer 1, which includes an in-game economy as part of its unique “Got SUD$” campaign. This game aims to revolutionize the web3 gaming industry and offer players a truly immersive experience.

User Engagement at its peak through In-Game Engagement

The “Got SUD$” campaign is the in-game currency used for racing competitions, wagers, and buying digital items. The main objective of SUD$ is to improve the game, so it can only be earned or purchased in packs via MixMob’s MixLab. Players can make SUD$ in multiple ways, such as by playing the game, bringing in new players through referrals, or being a holder of MixMob’s Gen0 Masks. Additionally, those who participated in MixMob’s last tournament, staked their Masks, or worked to become MixMob MVPs, will earn $SUD.

SUD$ is a unidirectional token, a type of blockchain-powered digital currency. The ability to have a unidirectional token is unique to the Solana blockchain, as it’s the only chain currently able to support MixMob’s needs. Unidirectional tokens can only be used within the game and can’t be transferred or used outside the ecosystem. This allows MixMob to balance its economy without being subjected to external market forces, cheating, or other risks.

Immersive Interaction and Exceptional Features

The game also introduces several other features to enhance the player experience. Mobile v1 will allow players to access the game on their mobile devices and perform cryptocurrency transactions via mobile. Wagering and streaming v1 will enable spectators to bet on the game and purchase digital items, adding a new layer of competition and entertainment. Open access 24/7 will improve accessibility and increase competition. Lastly, the renewed referral program will incentivize players to invite friends and win prizes, including SUD$.

With the blockchain gaming industry continuously growing, there is massive potential for modern game releases like MixMob to take the first steps to introduce exciting features and gameplay for users.

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