It has been somewhat quiet on the WaltonChain front in recent months. Behind the scenes, the team was busy appointing a new CEO, who has now been officially introduced.

The search for a new CEO has been ongoing for a little while.

A Shift of Power for Waltonchain

In a new announcement, the team confirmed Do Sang Hyuk will take up this position moving forward.

Sang Hyuk is a South Korean native and the current vice-chairman of the China-Korea Cultural Exchange Development Committee.

His ties to Waltonchain also date back quite a ways.

Since the project’s inception, Sang Hyuk has been involved in promoting the project, and even commercializing its technology across South Korea.

He also has ties to the Waltonchain Foundation and its effort to create a non-profit blockchain foundation in South Korea.

It is evident that the development and progress made regarding Waltonchain is partially thanks to their new CEO’s efforts in the past few years.

Some people might be wondering what will happen to the former CEO of the project.

It appears Mo Bing will remain tied to this project and its ecosystem in different ways.

He will become the Chief Expert of Waltonchain and focusing on enterprise incubation primarily.

The main question is how these changes will affect the public’s opinion on this blockchain project.

Despite a lot of initial excitement at launch, most of that momentum has dissipated somewhat.

The WTC price across exchanges has suffered significantly as well. 


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