Walmart Continues to Generate a ton of VeChain Data Clauses

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Every individual cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem has some very unique features. For VeChain, there is an aspect known as “clauses” Most people aren’t even aware of what this is about, yet it will become a key metric to keep an eye on. 

Exploring VeChain Clauses

When looking at the Vechain ecosystem, there may be some initial confusion. After all, looking at the total number of transactions is the normal course of operation. In VeChain’s cause, the number of transactions only tells part of the story. While they depict network activity, there is an underlying facet of transactions worth paying attention to. 

Inside VeChain transactions, there may be one or multiple clauses. A clause represents a bundling of different network transactions. By bundling transactions into a clause, it is easier to process large batches of network transfers. This is an interesting way of increasing the overall TPS of a network.

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What is even more interesting is how clauses can contain any number of transactions bundled into one. Looking at the statistics from VeChainStats, the number of clauses is quite significant. This confirms that more transactions are being bundled on the network. More importantly, it also highlights the core scalability of VeChain as a whole. 

Executing the clauses in a transaction is done by spending VeThor, or VTHO. It is important to note that individual users cannot batch separate transactions into one.

That doesn’t make this concept less viable, however. Considering how VeChain clauses can either transfer value, or perform other operations, their potential is much greater. 

Walmart’s Address is Popular

One specific address on the VeChain blockchain is receiving the vast majority of clauses. That address is 0xbe7a61b0405fdfbaae28c1355cd53c8affc1c4b0, and seemingly belongs to Walmart. The company has been using VeChain’s technology for food tracking purposes. Initially, it only applied to mushrooms sold by Walmart, but the current clauses count seems to indicate a much broader application. 

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For the time being, no one really knows what Walmart may be experimenting with. Retailers of this magnitude can unlock a lot of potential use cases for blockchain technology. One of Walmart’s Chinese subsidiaries has been working on tracing more food products over the blockchain.. That may explain the rise in overall data clauses taking place recently.

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