Waiting for Pulsechain to Launch? Pass the Time Fighting Crypto Villains as Richard Heart


The sacrifice phase for PulseChain ended more than 18 months ago, and with the chain’s founder recently launching V3 of the testnet, Richard Heart’s fans can finally see the end in sight.

Indeed, the positive momentum that Pulsechain’s V3 launch brought to the Hexicans was vast. HEX’s price pumped substantially on the news, and the community’s hashtags have been trending ever since. Many of those who sacrificed are now arguing that PulseChain will be a positive force for the industry, providing more options for developers and crypto aficionados to choose an alternative to Ethereum without needing to bridge their assets and code across to a new blockchain. They say that the frictionless environment PulseChain provides will give the free market license to easily choose a cheaper and faster alternative without doing the necessary legwork required to relocate to another ecosystem.

Still, excited as the sacrifice set may be, we still do not have an official launch date for PulseChain’s mainnet. So what are the Hexicans to do while they wait for Richard Heart to make the next big announcement? Easy! Fight Heart’s opponents as the legend himself in CryptoArena. That’s right. A new and completely free-to-play game produced by Imperium allows players to use Richard Heart and other industry titans like CZ, Michael Saylor, SBF, and more to take their Crypto Twitter battles into the metaverse.
CryptoArena, a free gift to the community?

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Yes, and no. Imperium Games created the free-to-play mini game CryptoArena to showcase their skills and make a grand entrance into the Web3 gaming space. Imperium is an experienced team based in Belgrade, with over 30 million downloads, 15 games, and more than 150,000 active daily players – many of whom may follow them into Web3.

CryptoArena is hot on the heels of even Imperium’s most successful games, boasting over 450,000 matches played by over 50,000 gamers since its Feb 23rd launch.

While the Imperium team comes from a mobile gaming background, they’re now entirely focused on building games for Web3. Their latest project – CyberArena Metaverse – promises to bring the addictive gameplay showcased in the CryptoArena mini-game and take it up a notch with more unique abilities and cutting-edge graphics.

What is CyberArena?

CyberArena is the world’s first interactive battle Metaverse powered by revenue generated from both Web3 and a vast Web2 audience.

The Imperium team has already had some huge successes in the traditional gaming industry, and they will leverage these previous victories to bolster their push into the crypto-sphere. Those who enjoy a taste of the action with CryptoArena and decide to play CyberArena upon its release will enjoy the best elements of the mini-game with a multitude of additional features, including improved graphics, a new character set, multiple special attacks, NFT skins rewards, wagering, and more.

Regardless of how you feel about PulseChain, one thing is for sure with the bear market grinding on; it is refreshing to have a free game where users can express their frustrations without taking to the Twitter comments section.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about CryptoArena, the team behind it, and what’s coming next, join Imperium’s CEO on Discourse Syndicate’s “FN Hangout” Friday, March 31st at 7pm PST.

To try out the game for yourself, check it out here: https://crypto-arena.net/game/

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