VPS Hosting Reseller BitVPS Doesn’t Require Users to Create an Account

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There is a growing demand for anonymous and private online services. BitVPS wants to position itself as an anonymous VPS provider accepting different cryptocurrencies. 

There are numerous VPS providers that accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

BitVPS Offers User Privacy

Nearly all of those services requires users to share some personal information, however. 

BitVPS claims it can do things differently, as users won’t even need to sign up for an account.

Instead, they can select  a server and pay for it with a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. 

Supported currencies include Bitcoin, XRP, Ether, Lisk, PIVX, Monero, and so forth.

Depending on one’s payment method, an extra degree of privacy can be obtained.

It is worth noting BitVPS does not have its own data center, however.

Instead, they are an official reseller of DigitalOcean and Digital Realty.

It appears there is a plan in place to resell Vultr services in the near future as well. 

Some Reddit users aren’t all that happy with these choices.

Some of the VPS providers on the market allow for bigger profits to be pocketed, and their “abuse’ policies are a bit more lenient as well.

As one would expect, there is an Acceptable Use Policy for users to adhere to.

Illicit activities include DDoS attacks, Online Gambling, Phishing, and running a Ponzi Scheme. 

Anyone not adhering to the guidelines will have their server shut down immediately.

Given the lack of personal user information, taking legal action against such individuals may prove difficult.

All in all, it is another option for enthusiasts to spend their cryptocurrencies. 

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