Voyager Makes Strategic Asset Transfer to Coinbase And it Raises Some Questions


Amid bankruptcy proceedings, Voyager, a notable cryptocurrency firm, has initiated a substantial asset transfer. The recipient? Coinbase, one of the leading crypto exchanges globally.

Breaking Down the Voyager sset Movement 

Many of Voyager’s holdings, including 1,500 $ETH and 250 billion $SHIB, now reside with Coinbase. These transfers, valued at nearly $2.77 million and roughly $2.7 million, respectively, amass to an estimated total of $5.5 million.

According to insights from ArkhamIntel, Voyager’s cryptocurrency addresses house assets worth an astonishing $81.63 million. As part of a strategic response to its financial troubles, Voyager consolidates these tokens from various addresses into its primary one.

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Voyager is on a mission: optimize its assets amidst its current financial storm. Consequently, the crypto space is bracing for more significant transfer activities from Voyager in the impending weeks.

A Recap of Voyager’s Previous Decisions 

Between June 20 and July 5, Voyager granted its users the option to claim and retrieve 35.72% of their token holdings. Those who didn’t act within this window faced an ultimatum. Voyager would liquidate their tokens after a 30-day window and reimburse them in USD. With the crypto claims period concluded, Voyager’s next steps involve selling off the remaining tokens. The proceeds? Compensation in fiat currency.

Choosing Coinbase as a custodian is no mere coincidence. Renowned for its impeccable security standards and vast crypto experience, this US exchange provides Voyager stakeholders with much-needed assurance. Especially during these tumultuous times.

The Market Watches Closely 

Given the inherent unpredictability of the cryptocurrency market, every move by Voyager is under the magnifying glass. Investors and experts keep a vigilant eye on Voyager’s activities and asset shifts.

The outcomes of these transfers and Voyager’s future in managing its sizeable crypto assets may well lay the foundation for other companies. Especially those navigating the intricate maze of challenges in this dynamic industry.

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