The Chief Digital Officer for Volkswagen, Johann Jungwirth, recently presented his company’s ‘proof of concept’ offering during the recently concluded CEBIT summit. The technology showcases a novel way via which a trusted over-the-air transfer of software can be facilitated, to-and-from, today’s vehicles. The entire process is documented using IOTA’s Tangle framework.

What is the Aim here?

On June 8, Jungwirth shared an official document via twitter that outlines the goal and purpose of this new technology. The document starts off by talking about the increasing number of vehicles that are continually populating our streets and that each of these vehicles will gradually need software updates— since most manufacturers now are using newer automated modules to help increase the efficiency of today’s cars.

The document then moves on to the challenges that exist with today’s centralized documentation systems and how VWs partnership with IOTA will help solve such issues. The manufacturing giant plans to implement IOTAs native Tangle framework to serve as a safe storage medium for over-the-air update documentation while granting immutability and ensuring data integrity at all times.

The aim also includes an integration of Tangle into Volkswagen’s legacy system so as to improve interoperability and ensure production readiness. Some of the other benefits of this digital marriage include:

  • Increased trust between customers, authorities and the parent company.
  • Ability to record incremental volumes of updates and software versions.
  • Transparent access to audit trails
  • Easier maintenance of immutable transaction records.

Final Take

Devised by IOTA, Tangle is viewed by many experts as being a highly novel approach to using distributed ledger technology. For example, Tangle features no blocks or chains and does not provide recourse to miners for confirming transactions. As a result of this, the technology is able to navigate more transactions per second as well as tackle many issues related to network congestion efficiently.

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