Vitalik-God Finance is one of the first cross-chain farm that is based on memes, and have real working products on the Ethereum, and Tron network. We are an incubator, promoter, and validator for new projects. As well we’re building a DAO organization around them. 

To enhance our community to help us in the development of the project, we have created a liquidity game, and the way it works is pretty simple. Basically, when the liquidity will reach a certain level we will launch a new product/event such as Coin burn, top 30 CEX listing, Vitalik Casino Launch etc.

Check out this amazing video, that’s what’s probably going to happen in the future.

The unique, and real working products


Automated market-making decentralized exchange on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Justin Hunt Mobile Game

Mobile game platform in which you can take your chance, and beat other community contributors in the Jetpack Joyride look like game.

God Casino

Crypto casino based on the Ethereum ecosystem with 4 main options: moon, dice, slots, and multiplayer poker.

Vitalik NFT Socks

Second NFT token based on the Ethereum ecosystem with real socks. The first SOCK token was introduced by Uniswap and they have raised to a $12 000 per SOCK.

Those are the products that we will launch in the coming weeks for sure, but there are 4 others such as:

  • JustStarter
  • GodCrypt
  • JustTools
  • JustBorrow
  • and many more

Currently, we’re in the middle of checking these projects, their products, teams, solutions they solve, and when they’ll meet our expectations we will add them to our platform, and the share of the revenue they generate will be distributed among Vitalik-God Finance holders.

Tokenomics of VTLG

VTLG is a community governance token that has no ICO, no pre-mining, and no central governance.


Since we’re always spending most of our time on developing existing and new products, it’s essential to don’t forget our amazing community, and how they’re helping us every single day. That’s why we’re announcing the below 4 contests:

Share Contest – 1 000$ in ETH to be won.

Clumsy Vitalik Mobile Game Contest – 1 000$ in ETH to be won.

Meme Contest – 2 000$ in ETH to be won.

Liquidity Contest – 3 000$ in ETH to be won.


It’s not too late to join Vitalik-God finance, you can visit the pre-sale page at https://Vitalik-God.Finance and make an application to purchase VTLG tokens. The minimum amount to participate in VTLG is 1 ETH and the maximum contribution is 15 ETH.

Do you want more information about Vitalik-God? Visit our website and find out.

Website: https://Vitalik-God.Finance



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