Verge Price Rises Slightly as Developers Unveil Debit Card Plans

Cryptomode Verge no Third Attack

It has been a while since people got excited about the Verge cryptocurrency. This altcoin is looking to make a big impact, yet has come up short on multiple fronts so far. Despite the difficult times, the Verge price is on the rise once again, despite the lack of major breakthroughs. This shows the market is anything but dead, but there is no real reason to be overly excited either.

Verge Price Struggle Continues

Ever since the PornHub partnership, people expected a lot more from Verge, especially in the price department. As is more often than not the case in the cryptocurrency industry, the big news doesn’t get people as excited as it could or should. Instead, the hype gets all of the attention, whereas the actual developments are of minimal consequence.

In the case of the Verge price, there is no real excitement to speak of at this time. While there is a 5% value increase in the USD and BTC department, it is still not the major breakthrough people have been hoping for. It seems unlikely XVG will surpass $0.02 soon, although anything is possible in the cryptocurrency industry.

Despite what some people may expect, there are some interesting Verge developments taking place at this time. A few new updates have been released, which will further advance the outlined roadmap associated with XVG. It is good to see the developers continue their push toward mainstream adoption, even though a debit card may not necessarily get everyone excited.

On the technical side of the spectrum, a fair few traders expect a breakout or even more volatility to occur. In the case of Fons @ TheCryptoProfit, his chart clearly shows the upcoming volatility has resulted in the current Verge price gains. Volatility can work both ways, however, and a consequent dip is not impossible by any means.

Crypto King of the North seems to echo a similar statement, albeit in a slightly more positive manner. Depending on how the technical analysis charts and trend align, XVG might attempt to push toward the 250 Satoshi range. Right now, the altcoin sits at 232, thus this small leap is not overly complicated to achieve by any means.

For the time being, it remains to be seen how the Verge price action plays out. The current momentum looks promising, although ensuring these gains remain in place is always a completely different matter. Anything can happen in the world of cryptocurrency and Verge is bound to see some more volatile price action in the coming days and weeks.

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