Verasity Launches Crypto Powered eSports Tournaments Through Bet eSportz

An interesting correlation between cryptocurrency and eSports is becoming apparent as of late. Verasity is taking this concept one step further by hosting the first crypto-powered eSports tournaments. 

The Verasity Vision

Although eSports have been shunned and ridiculed for many years, it is now an industry that can no longer be ignored. Ongoing growth in this sector- partially due to the COVID-19 pandemic – has opened a lot of doors. Verasity, an attention-based company for video, gaming, and entertainment rewards, wants to capitalize on this momentum.

Its new project, known as Bet eSportz CryptoClash, is very interesting to keep an eye on. This is the world’s first crypto powered eSports tournament platform. Giving amateur players a chance to go toe-to-toe with professional CS:GO players will yield plenty of entertainment.

Bet eSportz is powered by Verasity technology. Millions of CS:GO players and teams can play against the likes of NBK and xcurrate. Viewers are also incentivized to place bets on the games’ outcomes. Betting occurs through VRA, the native Verasity token. 

Several tournament formats will be organized. Pro-player invitationals will undoubtedly attract a lot of viewers. There are also 1V1 and 5V5 events to look forward to. 

Fueling Further eSports Growth

Today, there are several million eSports fans all over the world. A fair few of them would love an opportunity to bet on events where pro players participate. It is now up to the betting industry to accommodate those needs. Verasity is willing to show the world how this needs to be achieved. 

Whether the organized tournaments are lighthearted or to be taken seriously, there are ample customization options. Players can create both public and private events, with or without special jackpots to be won. 

Purchasing VRA tokens to place bets on CS:GO tournaments will be made accessible and convenient. Following a partnership with Transak, credit card transactions will be allowed on the platform. It is a great way to introduce more people to cryptocurrency and eSports betting at the same time. 

The Evolution of Sports Betting

Statistics confirm how sports betting has seen a healthy boost due to eSports. Several online tournaments have gained global recognition over the years. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the lack of sports events has pushed people to explore alternative options, such as the ESL Pro League.

In a way, COVID-19 has accelerated this next step in the evolution of online sports betting. In the end, it is all about fan engagement. eSports Seems to do a better job at this compared to most traditional sports. That is primarily because gaming tournaments can be accessed free of charge, whereas watching sports events usually requires a subscription. 

The first Bet eSportz CryptoClash tournament began on June 29th. More events are likely to follow over the course of the summer. Bet eSportz CryptoClash aims to become  a permanent fixture throughout 2020 and beyond.

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