After having waited for months for this day to arrive, the VeChain community can now rejoice as the company has realized one of its core milestones, which is the launch of the project mainnet— commonly referred to as VeChain Thor.

In addition to the launch, the VeChain foundation has also revealed that they will be facilitating a token swap between the current VEN coin and the future VET token. This new token will drive all internal transactions within the VeChain Thor network.

As news of the launch continues to spread throughout the cryptoverse, the team behind VEN has also come forth and released a list of different partnerships that the company has embarked upon. These partnerships are aimed at ensuring smooth “future development” of the project main-net as well as for increasing consumer awareness regarding VeChain itself.

As far as the token swap goes, the VeChain foundation has said that the process will commence mid-July, however exact dates have yet to be issued formally.

Lastly, as per reports online, the next foreseeable goal for VeChain is ‘ledger integration’ with VET. The process is expected to start sometime in August but for now, everything seems to be right on schedule.

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