Valuit explanation-who are we?


Investing in cryptocurrencies remains a daunting hurdle for many onlookers. Acquiring crypto assets and supporting projects is tedious and requires tremendous research. offers an alternative option where people can invest in the future of investing. But how does that even work? 

The Valuit Mission

It is good to see builders acknowledge there is still work to do before mainstream consumers venture into the crypto and blockchain world. Although cryptocurrencies are of greater interest than ever before, the existing hurdles to adoption still remain in place. Users need to go through centralized exchanges to buy digital assets, which they may need to convert to something more suitable later on. 

Valuit aims to streamline the onboarding process by taking a radically different approach. Anyone can convert their assets into digital tokens through its digital blockchain-based platform. Moreover, they can raise funding through the decentralized global market and help build the future of borderless trading. All of this is powered by $VALU, the utility token powering asset tokenization and enabling access to decentralized finance for businesses and organizations. 

Today’s companies often find themselves in a situation where long-tail assets and other illiquid means weigh heavily on the balance sheet. Long-tail assets are often rare, but they struggle with liquidity to make them valuable again unless the right market conditions are created. Having an option to tokenize these “dragging balances” into digital assets changes the game for everyone and brings more liquidity to the DeFi industry. 

While asset tokenization is a crucial aspect of Valuit, the platform will provide numerous advantages and benefits over existing TradFi rails. Businesses can raise funds against their real-world assets, which is unprecedented. Additionally, Valuit has a set of peer-to-peer payment-oriented decentralized applications to help users exchange Valuit and asset tokens. Supported non-Valuit tokens include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other assets, all accessible through the native dApp. 

Accessible Mobile Staking

Building a robust network like Valuit will require substantial community participation. The developers thought of that and want to ensure the community can bring value to Valuit and $VALU through staking, yield farming, processing transactions, and educational rewards. That latter aspect will help people learn more about Valuit and what makes the project tick. 

Moreover, anyone can support the broader ecosystem through mobile staking. Users can access this functionality via the various Valuit dApps, which enable staking from any mobile device. For those who prefer yield farming to increase their revenue, there is the option to earn from transaction fees, token rewards, interest, and $VALU price appreciation. 

The mobile staking approach will also empower users to perform mining activities through their mobile devices. They will generate and process new blocks of transactions and data through the Valuit blockchain platform. 

The Future of Valuit

Although the Valuit ecosystem is still in the early stages, there appears to be a solid roadmap for the coming months and years. The goal is to keep rolling out new features and expand the overall functionality across multiple phases. Things to look forward to include:

  • Smart contracts
  • Income/residual ownership sharing
  • Enhancing the appeal and capability of the DeFi part of the ecosystem
  • Broader support for non-Valuit assets
  • And much more! 

Moreover, the project roadmap confirms Valuit will incorporate artificial intelligence through deep learning, adding Swipe to enhance acceptability, and more. The team targets North America and Europe as two of its key regions for future growth, as both regions hold a substantial position in the finance sector today.

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