Uwerx(WERX) Stirs Massive Buzz Amidst Bitcoin(BTC) Price Declines


The market remains ensnared in a world of volatility, and Bitcoin is one of the major crypto caught up in its web of daily declines. The crypto recently dropped by $1,500, hitting a 6-week low of $27,000. The token’s volatile rollercoasters continue in a negative direction, and investors can do nothing but hope for a rebound soon.

On the flip side, the Uwerx presale stirs more buzz as it continues in an upward trend. The crypto project is the first to contribute so much to the freelance economy, and investors are in with a bullish sentiment.

Bitcoin(BTC) Slumps And Dumps

Bitcoin is the first blockchain project to launch in the market. The crypto project is regarded as the king of cryptocurrencies and is known to set the trajectory for all other altcoins.

Although the cryptocurrency got off to a better start in 2023, following severe price dumps from 2022. It is still struggling to maintain its recently attained $30,000 high. BTC is down 4.71% in the last 7 days. The token is 60% below its 2023 all-time high of $31,681.

However, despite the recent price slumps, Bitcoin has shown bullish sentiments over the past months, reassuring investors that it has the strength to recover regardless of market volatility. The future outlook seems decent but not as good as Uwerx. Let’s find out why!

Uwerx(WERX) Is An All-In-One Solution For Freelancers Across The Globe

Uwerx is an ERC-20 crypto looking to disrupt the market with new and unique propositions. It is a blockchain-based product that utilizes its technology to provide real-world solutions.

According to data, one in three freelancers is not recognized for the contributions they bring to the global economy. Despite how over 46.5% of them represent this system. The freelancing community is a significant contributor to the global workforce, and we believe Uwerx intend to ensure they are recognized and rewarded properly. Uwerx is a new crypto project looking to play this part through its freelancing platform that’s about to launch.

With Uwerx, freelancers will be recognized for their contributions to the ecosystem and rewarded through incentivized approaches. The Uwerx project also intends to introduce other distinct solutions to enhance performance and build wealth. On Uwerx, freelancers do not have to worry about giving 10-20% of their earnings to intermediary platforms.

In addition, they are also guaranteed safety and security on the network. Clients get the best skill sets for their job opportunities, and freelancers get to apply their skills to jobs that match their expertise. Uwerx is bridging the gap by connecting each sector to the best for improved productivity. Trust is also not a problem on Uwerx, as the network has been approved through a thorough audit by InterFi and SolidProof.

WERX Presale Piques Investors’ Interest

Presales present an unmatched opportunity for gains, which wouldn’t be any different with WERX. WERX token presale kickstarted recently at $0.0225 per token. Early investors are making the best of the opportunity and buying at the cheapest rate. The token is said to rise with each presale stage and could get as high as $1 by Q3 of 2023. But your WERX tokens using the link below

Find out more about Uwerx here:

Website: https://www.uwerx.network

Presale: http://invest.uwerx.network

Telegram: https://t.me/uwerx_network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/uwerx_network


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