Uwerx(WERX) Launches Stage 4 Presale: Better Prospects Than Ripple(XRP)


As Uwerx launches its Stage 4 presale, it moves past halfway in its presale target, and the opportunity slowly slips by for crypto enthusiasts who haven’t entered. This is the biggest opportunity in the market at the moment, and for a market with this volatility, Uwerx offers the best risk-reward ratio. Ripple(XRP) is another cryptocurrency with a promising short-term future as crypto enthusiasts await positive news as regards the SEC lawsuit.

XRP, however, is still in a precarious situation, and investors may need to find better alternatives like Uwerx to put their money in. This article discusses more on XRP and the potential Uwerx poses moving forward.


XRP is a cryptocurrency created by RippleLabs to process international payments, and the token has had one of the roughest past two years. The project’s growth has been stunted by the prolonged SEC lawsuit, and it would be monumental when that phase is over with.

The token has seen some exciting trading volume in the past few months, especially across Korean exchanges. Trading volumes skyrocketed in April across South Korean exchanges, accounting for a sizable portion of the global trading volume.

XRP has risen on expectations that Ripple Labs, which the United States claims issued the coin, will prevail in its legal battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In 2020, the SEC charged the Ripple Network with marketing unregistered securities after the network sold $1.3 billion in XRP.

However, while XRP’s potential for profit relies on hope, Uwerx offers a guaranteed way to buy low and sell high immediately after launch for profit.

More on Uwerx(WERX) Presale

With the rapid uptrend in the global gig economy, freelancers are bound to find more opportunities in the landscape. Tech corporations have reported that the spur of remote work culture has increased their likelihood of using freelancers. And as Forbes reported, successful companies such as Meta, Google, and Unilever were able to establish a flexible, blended workforce in which freelancers and full-time employees collaborated for a common cause.

Uwerx enables higher transparency of records due to the use of blockchain, and it would protect intellectual property with the resources at its disposal. The new platform will focus on solving existing issues around payment limitations and exorbitant fees. Uwerx will only charge a 1% flat fee on all transactions compared to the industry average of 10% – 20%. In addition to letting freelancers keep as much of their money as possible, Uwerx will introduce unique features such as incentivization, personalized matching, transparent pricing, etc.

The most peculiar of those is the incentivization which rewards users with WERX tokens for their activity on the platform. The WERX will be tradable after launch; however, the presale is currently, and it offers a unique opportunity.

WERX is selling for $0.0315 on presale, and this allows a massive profit margin toward launch, which early buyers can take advantage of to make a profit. The project has a liquidity lock feature that secures the liquidity for 25 years after launch as well as contract renouncement to provide more decentralization and allow users to contribute to the platform.

This is the best opportunity in the market, and you should join the presale now and earn extra 20% on your purchase.

Presale: invest.uwerx.network

Telegram: https://t.me/uwerx_network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/uwerx_network

Website: https://www.uwerx.network


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